October 31, 2012

Musings: Let The Skyfall – Review

Possibly the best modern Bond film I’ve ever seen (Apart from Casino Royale), Daniel Craig stole the show with his piercing blue eyes and rugged good looks. It was everything a Bond film should be in this day and age, fast, beautiful, and global. This Bond did not continue on from the previous disaster that was Quantum of Solace, instead of taking a new direction and a captivating story of its own.

The casting was absolutely brilliant with Academy Award winner Javier Bardem, British actress Noemie Harris and the respected Ralph Fiennes and Judi Dench.

Without wanting to give too much away, Skyfall explores Bond’s fall from grace as he is seemingly declared dead and his redemption as a 007 agent. As with all the Bond movies, it wouldn’t be same without the international locations. In this film we see Bond visit the beautiful Shanghai and the cultural Istanbul on one of his many tasks. Daniel Craig was a risky choice as Bond when he was the first cast for Casino Royale, but he has soon proved himself and taken the role to new depths. He has given the character more than any other Bond I have seen and his actions can be justified as we find out more about his past…


All I can say is go and see it now and don’t forget to check out the amazing Adele with the film’s theme tune below:

Char xo

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