January 10, 2013

Musings: Queen B in GQ Magazine – A Review

I absolutely had to blog this. How AMAZING does Queen B look in these photos for GQ?

I’m definitely sticking these photos on my fridge and every piece of junk food in sight…

This woman is an absolute inspiration of mine, I’ve planned on adopting her work ethic this year, hopefully it’ll pay off soon enough.I don’t mean you’ll see me singing and dancing onstage at Glastonbury, but all in all I just want to better myself. Whether it means, getting my dream job, losing weight, or learning another language, it’s time to get on with it!

Oh and Destiny’s Child (and Justin Timberlake) will be releasing new music at the end of January, 2013 just gets better and better!

Char xo

Please note: The images used in this post have been sourced in GQ and do not belong to me. 

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