January 12, 2013

Musings: Ombre, dip-dye, two-toned?

For the past couple of years, trends seem to be sticking for a while. Remember the 90s when every one and their mother wanted that classic ‘Rachel’ haircut or the 70s and those Farrah Fawcett flicked-up ends.

The hair trend of the past year or two is ombre, dip-dye or two-toned hair. In other words, sun-bleached ends or the roots having the ends dyed a lighter or darker colour. There are so many different ombre looks I have seen. From blue and pink to the classic bleached-blonde look. I think it looks great with tousled waves or that just-got-out-of-bed look. There is something deconstructed about the whole look, so I don’t know if it looks right with a classy up-do, maybe it’s just me?

Who knew that the “you need your roots done look” could be so popular?

If you take a gander through Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest, I’m sure you’ll find tons of images dedicated to the ombre trend. There are tons of looks out there than can work for you. You could even try a reverse ombre, going from light roots to dark ends. Although I do think bleaching your roots is a tad more damaging than dark ends because ends can easily cut, whereas your roots is fresh hair that is growing.

Ombre hair seems to have come quite synonymous with fashion bloggers and celebrities. It does look brilliant if the tone compliments your skin-tone. If it’s too light or dark, it can wash you out or be too harsh depend on your complexion. It looks best if one or two colours are blended together, literally giving you that gradient effect.

I’m on the fence with ombre hair, I love the look of it if it’s done correctly, but when a trend becomes to mainstream I tend to shy away from it…although I did try it out…

One great thing about this look is that it is low-maintenance, most full-colour looks require touch-up 6 to 8 weeks. So if you’re on a budget and fancy trying something new, this could be easily done at home with a box dye. Just make sure you know what you’re doing or get a friend or family-member to help. And if you’re bored of this look after a while you can always dye over it or cut the ends off.

I was eager to try this trend, I love the look on other people so I thought I’d give it ago myself…

Little did I know my ends would turn ginger (they still are!). I should have really gone to the hairdressers. I used a lightening product (L’Oreal Wild Ombre in shade 3) on hair that was dyed red, so I should have really expected to go ginger. Not that there is anything wrong with ginger hair, I was just expecting to have blonde ends!

L’Oreal Wild Ombre is probably best if you have your natural hair colour and it comes in three different shades depending on your hair colour. I recommend looking at YouTube videos if you’re still unusure, however if you’re still scared go to a hairdresser or a good colourist. Can anyone recommend a good colourist in London for curly/mixed hair?

However, as with most colour for your hair, ombre locks are damaging. The process involves bleach which lightens the hair and can leave it feeling like straw and likely to break if not taken care of properly. If your hair is brittle or likely to break, I wouldn’t recommend this trend at all.

If you’re still after the ombre look but don’t want to commit to dying your hair, you can always get a weave or clip-in extensions and have a go at this look.

What do you think of this look? Do you prefer your hair all one colour, or do you like the gradient effect of ombre hair?

Char xo

Please note: The images used in this post have been sourced in Google images and do not belong to me (besides the one of my own). They are just to reference the content in this post.

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