January 15, 2013

Musings: ASOS Wishlist SS13

ASOS Wishlist SS13 by toxicchar 
  1. Curb chain necklace – £11

    Although it may look a little tacky, I absolutely love it and it would look amazing if worn correctly. I think it would look gorgeous over a plain tee just to give it that extra something something

  2. Michael Kors watch – £200 

    Just like any other blogger, I am obsessed with Michael Kors watches (I waited until mine went into the sale before I join the Kors clan). I like this one, not only because I’m a sucker for gold (could you tell?) but because it looks masculine. It has that ‘I kinda stole it off my boyfriend look’, now all I need is to get my boyfriend to buy it…

  3. Black ankle strap heels – £46

    These are absolutely gorgeous, I think they are the ultimate heel that would go with absolutely everything. Formal enough for work, weddings and going out and they look much more expencive than they are. That is always a bonus, right?

  4. Black horse clutch – £33

    I love this, but I would find it really hard to implement into my wardrobe because whenever I go out I never take a clutch, so I’d probably use it is a lovely make-up bag.

  5. Wildfox owl necklace – £41

    Maybe a little out of my budget, but doesn’t this owl necklace remind you of Dumbledore’s altar-thing in Harry Potter? This would look great over a plain tee or dress.

  6. Black ankle strap heels with pointed heel – £49

    Maybe these are a tad bit similar too number 3, but they are still gorgeous.

  7. Lion head earrings – £6.54

    I love these, they kinda remind of a Versace print. These are great for jazzing up your outfit and would look great with a messy top-knot.

  8. Burgundy rabbit embellished side bag – £24

    Gold, burgundy and it has a bunny on it? ASOS please stop teasing me.

Alas, this is a wishlist for a reason, I’ve given myself a spending ban this year, I can’t afford to buy things like I used to (I miss you student loan). If I don’t need it, then I can’t buy it. Sucks, but it has to be done, unless someone would like to give me the job of my dreams?

But I suppose the good thing about looking online, is that you can look, but not buy.

However…what are your favourite pieces from ASOS at the moment?

Char xo 


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