February 14, 2015

Musings: Love & IN Love

When the relationship 🚢 sinks…

What love means to me…?

There is massive difference between loving someone and being in love with them.

You could love your mum, dad, your best friend, your cat, your iPhone… 

But being in love with someone is loving them for who they really are despite their flaws. I think being in love with someone is envisioning them with you at all times, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

The Single Saga:

Single like a dollar bill..

There is a stigma attached to being single and I really don’t like it. How many times have I heard: 

“You’ll find someone soon.”

“There are plenty more fish in the sea.”

“When are you going to settle down?”

“Are you looking for someone?”

I’m sure there a plethora of sayings to add to this list. What is so wrong with being alone? I think I’m may be rare in saying that I really really enjoy my own company and don’t mind venturing out and doing things for myself. I often find that even when out in a social group, I sometimes crave the desire to be alone… A true ambivert for sure. Sometimes social situations can  be really draining. 

I think the lines between alone and lonely are often blurred and assuming that because you are alone automatically means you’re lonely which leads me onto my thoughts on online dating… 

Dabbling with Tinder for a few months in late 2014 made me question the whole male species as a whole. I thought it would be a bit of fun and a great way to meet people but how wrong I was. Yes it is a vain judging someone purely on their photo but if you can find a way to upload your personality into an app let me know (Because we’d be rich!). 

So what if your Valentine’s Day is spent with your Netflix subscription and copious amounts snacks. So what if you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your other half, as long it makes you happy is all that matters. I also think it is important to add that it isn’t the ultimate goal in life to be married or in a relationship. I personally think self-fulfilment and personal happiness is much more important.

Char xo

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