April 14, 2015

Memoirs: A Taste of Caramel, NC45 Foundations…

Once upon a time, in a distant teenage yesteryear I used Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse. Not knowing how to blend it in, or even what foundation was, I guess it put me off it until I properly started wearing make-up in my 20s. I always has this stupid belief that I would only wear it on special occasions. Everyday is a special occasion now, you will never know who you will meet or the situations you will encounter


Illamasqua Creme Foundation in shade CF240

I really like creme foundations as I find that I’m a nightmare with anything liquid! No matter how many beauty gurus I watch on YouTube I just can’t seem to get the technique right. Anyway, this Illamasqua foundation is great because the coverage is more medium to full if you prefer this finish, it isn’t cakey and it works well with my concealer of choice. I highly recommend Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in shade Caramel (RRP £22). Since writing this post, this foundation has been discontinued and I have found my holy grail in Nars All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation

My Everyday Foundation 

Bodyshop BB cream in shade 4

It’s a bit alarming that there are only 4 shades available and quite scary that my shade is the darkest. It would be great to see this available for darker skin tones as I truly believe this is holy grail product.

Anyway – this is aaaaaamazing! I purchased this as something light to use after having my ordeal with Revlon’s Photoready Foundation. It’s nourishing, it magically adapts to your skin-tone and best of all it is great for the beach. I wore this every day in Dubai as it has SPF (I tend not to wear suncream on my face as my body is darker!). The coverage is very light, so I would recommend this only if you are comfortable with showing off your blemishes.

A straight up no…

Revlon Photoready Foundation in Caramel

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the finish of this foundation, but it made me breakout like crazy. My face turned all red and blotchy as well as being constantly itchy. I’m not generally allergic to anything, but this clearly had something in it that didn’t agree with my skin.

The bottle is a nightmare too as the lid never stays on, so if you like to keep foundation in your handbag, I would be very careful and put it in a sandwich bag to stop it spilling over your possessions. I learnt the hard way. If your skin can handle pretty much anything, I would recommend this foundation for that – airbrushed look without looking ‘cakey’.

Not wanting to throw this foundation away, I use it very occasionally and I find using a primer underneath really helps. This is because it provides a lightweight barrier between your skin and your make-up (and it blurs your pores too!). I have been loving Instablur by The Body Shop, but another favourite of mine is Porefessional from Benefit which is a tad bit pricier.

At the moment I am on the hunt for the perfect foundation, something I can wear day or night. I really need something lightweight but medium to full coverage as I like looking like me, just a polished version. 

My foundation wish list…

What foundations do you use? Would you recommend any of these?

Char xo

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