April 29, 2015

Musings: The Human Mosquito 

Everyone at some point or another has had a human mosquito in their life. In most cases than not they’re absolutely harmless, but my oh my do they know how to annoy the hell out of you. Truth be told they won’t be the last human mosquito you have to encounter in your life time and nor may they have not stopped gnawing on your patience.  

You in danger, girl

So whether they are your family, colleagues or friends here are a few tips that may help you to manage: 


Human Mosquitos will always exist. They aren’t going extinct any time soon, so the sooner we realise and accept this the more resilient we will become towards those annoying tendencies we have come to loathe. Unfortunately, we’re not always going to be able to walk away from an annoying situations especially where work may be concerned. Nonetheless we shouldn’t be passive and accept all kinds of nonsense either. Through the right balance of realisation, passiveness and tolerance your happiness and well-being is surely safeguarded.


This I do oh-so-well! At first it may seem difficult, and rightly so, it may require a little more effort on you part to ignore them in the first instance but in the long run the said person/people will retreat and hopefully go away and reflect on those behaviours that have rubbed you up the wrong way. Unless you get one of those persistent ones, then you may have yourself a problem.


It’s important to protect your personal space. So set some clear boundaries, you must know within yourself where you are willing to draw the line. Don’t ever let anyone make you come out of character. And even if you haven’t set the boundaries between you and your mosi at least you know at which point you need to remove yourself from a situation.


Others may also find them annoying but are able to continue to be in the same environment as them effortlessly. You may want to observe how they do so. You may pick up a few tips on how to control your annoyance and be more tolerant.


Sometimes people are unaware of their annoying tendencies, so it may be worth letting them know gently where you may have a gripe with them. It could either go two ways, they stop or they continue. But at least you’ve done your part.

So next time you feel your self getting worked up by someone’s annoying ways see if this helps. 😉
Ain't nobody got time for that

Ain’t nobody got time for that

Nads xo

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