May 5, 2015

Musings: The Met Ball 2015

For some reason this morning I woke up at 4.41am. I’m not sure why but I find it difficult to get back to sleep once I’ve woken up. I end up doing my ritual of checking Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Facebook if I have to.

My eyes were in for a visual treat this morning as last night, New York City played host to The Met Ball. It is an annual fundraising event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, each year with a differing theme. This year being China, Through the Looking Glass. The event seems less about the charity element and more about the fashion choices of the celebs on the night and how they interpret it. This is entirely understandable, everything is about image these days, isn’t it? I mean I love fashion, absolutely LOVE fashion but all award shows seem to be about “Who are you wearing?” than the actual event. Should this just be left to fashion week? I suppose not, life is too short, wear what you want and be happy.

On that note here are a few of my favourites from The Met Ball. I think Rihanna interpreted the theme perfectly, albeit looking slightly like an omelette, she really does take risks. Another love of mine is none other than Queen B herself, only she could make crushed glass look this good. I do like Kim Kardashian West’s too but I do feel like she played it a little too “safe”.

Who are your loves or loathes from The Met Ball 2015?

Char xo

3 responses to “Musings: The Met Ball 2015”

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  3. […] When researching Rihanna’s style for this post, I was fascinated by just how multi-faceted she is, as well as her style. From her hair, to her clothes, make up to tattoos, she is someone who embodies the definition of a risk taker. I don’t know if it’s because she has the physique of  a supermodel or just her overall attitude but to me she really manages to pull everything off with ease. Whether it be walking around NYC in the early hours of the morning in an oversized heart-shaped fur coat or a dress resembling an omelette to the Met Ball… […]

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