May 18, 2015

Musings: Single Pringle, How To Be Happy Alone

For some, being in a relationship is everything. They are on to the next one quicker than a blink of the eye. But to be honest it’s really not that bad. If you’re in one currently then good on you, but for those who aren’t all is not lost. Here is why:

You have the right to be selfish

 You may never get this time back, so do you! You’ll have more than enough time when in a relationship to compromise, so as a singleton why shouldn’t it be all about you?

Days/Nights in with Netflix

There is nothing better than binge watching Netflix. Can I get an Amen!? I mean where do I even begin..? Whether it’s Orange is the new black, Prison Break whatever tickles your fancy, just be sure to be positioned nice and comfy and watch some good quality entertainment.



This is the perfect opportunity to embrace your independence, by utilising your freedom to go and explore. You probably won’t get a more perfect and reasonable time to feed your wanderlust and explore on your own. This is have not done yet, but really want to do it! Watch this space…I know so many who have and they have all highly recommended to do so, especially when single. The only baggage you have is the 23kg baggage allowance BA allows you to take and even then you may decide to travel light.

Save. Save. Save.

This is pretty self explanatory. But I guess I’ll explain myself a bit. Being in a relationship is costly stuff, an extra birthday present to buy (and it can’t be shitty), an anniversary gift to also buy (that can’t be shitty neither), date nights (not that you’re not socialising with your people’s enough as it is). The list is endless. My point is, is that you definitely spend more money when in a relationship so it’s a great time to save. No one is saying be frugal, but as my mother always says “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Nads xo

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