June 7, 2015

Musings: Teas, Waist Trainers and Teeth Whitening

Everyday, as I routinely scroll through Instagram, my eyes are plagued with of celebrities and socialites trying to sell me something.


Sure, I get it, celebrities and famous social media users have a huge following and of course brands are going to cash in on this. But… 

Do these weight loss teas really work?

Are waist trainers good for your health?

Are teeth whitening solutions the key to a brighter smile?

I’m just saying you cannot believe everything you see. They do say seeing is believing but looks are also deceiving. Am I really going to believe a celebrity has implemented a quick fix tea into their keep fit routine when they have an army of experts behind them? NO. 

Furthermore, are waist trainers another way of society forcing women to have that “ideal” hourglass figure? I mean if you’re unhappy with your shape and willing to change it, then go ahead. I just think there should be more of a focus on health and learning to love yourself.

Same goes with the teeth whitening products. Are they safe? Do they even work? 

Can you really say that something works if your post a few pictures showing so? With photo-editing tools and apps readily available who knows…

I was going to post some examples of the products mentioned in this post but I thought the bare minimum mention of what they are should be enough. Perhaps I am being skeptical, having never tried any of these products myself, but there is really something fishy going on here.

*inserts fish emoji* 

 Char xo

8 responses to “Musings: Teas, Waist Trainers and Teeth Whitening”

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