August 2, 2015

Musings: Mac Lipsticks for Darker Skintones

Now I know, well I hope at least, that you’ve read my post in love with the coco. If you haven’t I suggest that suggest you do. But from that, you would have noted I have many makeup woes. A big contribution to this is due to my dark chocolate complexion. Now I love my skin, don’t get me wrong, I’ve come a long way with it, and fully embrace my ebony tone. However, growing up I have begun to accept that not every makeup fad can be applied to one’s skin.

Which brings me on to the subject of lipstick. Equipped with my vanity table is a chest of 3 draws filled with lipstick. It’s decked out with an unhealthy selection of Reds, Oranges, Moranges, Pinks, Purples, and Nudes. However, I don’t actually wear all of them and they have clearly been bought for display purposes. So I thought I’d try them all again and see which ones really do suit me and my dark skin tone.

In the Nude…

I’m am the queen of nude lipstick I love a nude lipstick. My fave at the mo is Mac Jubilee and Sephora’s Rouge Shine Lipstick.

As much as Google’s definition of the word ‘nude’ is incorrect and states that nude is “of pinkish-beige colour” I would like to remind us dark skinned ladies that nude actually originates from the words naked and bare. And therefore, our “nude” lipsticks should match our skin tone and should be translucent if anything transparent.

The Colour Purple

You can find me rocking Mac Up the Amp or Mac Heroine… One Halloween I attempted to do an ombré using both products to create a chic gothic look, it was everything.

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Now, I have a few pinks, however, they aren’t the right shade nor texture. But the colour still deserves a spot here because I’ve seen many dark skin women rocking pinks that are to die for. I am yet to personally purchase them but Bare Minerals Light it Up and NARS Matte Lipstick Carthage are the ones used by some of the lovely ladies I’ve asked.

Lady in Red

You can never go wrong with a good red lipstick! Whether it’s YSL, Mac or Bobbi Brown you always ready for a vogue, ‘strike a pose’ moment.

No matter your skin tone/type there is definitely lipstick shades that suit you better than others. Do share, I’d love to know!

Char xo

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