August 23, 2015

Musings: The Post-Holiday Blues 🚫✈️🌴☀️

You can probably tell I’m all too glad to be back from my holiday.

Here are a few things I’m currently experiencing – can you empathise with any of these?

1) Checking your inbox after you’ve been away. 📩📩📩

2) Getting through the mountains of laundry and your heart breaking piece by piece as you pack your swimsuits away for another year. 👗👘👚👔👙👟👞👠

3) Watching your tan slowly fade and turning into a peeling mess. Kinda like pouring PVA glue on yourself and slowly ripping it off. 😖

4) Looking back through your holiday photos and constantly posting them on #throwbackthursday with captions like ‘Missing those LV nights’ or ‘I need a tan STAT’. ☀️

5) Writing up your TripAdvisor review and even missing the limescale in the hotel bathroom feeling like it gave it that “lived in” character. 💫💫💫💫

6) Wondering if you have enough money or annual leave before the end of the year to go somewhere else.
Even considering going alone if no one else is up for it. 👍

7) Looking at these Instagrammy-quotes like this and feeling a pinge of sadness…

IMG_9262 Travel is my therapy

Explore the world with eyes wide open IMG_0708

8) Writing posts like this and giving up when you can’t even think of ten things to write. 😞

Char xo

Please note, those Instagrammy quotes have been sourced from Instagram, they do not belong to me. 

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