September 1, 2015

Musings: My Pet Peeves

So the other day, I came across my notebook where I used to draft my blog posts way back in 2012. I came across a page where I’d written about my pet peeves and in all honesty they haven’t changed much three years later…

Spiders = NO THANK YOU. Even the thought of them makes me cringe and sends a shudder through my body.

Being patronised in any form. This really upsets me, like why do people feel like they have the power to speak to you like you’re worthless, uncapable or just plain stupid? There really is not reason for it, I always see people in a different light if they speak down to me in a condescending tone and it really does say something about you as a person.

Screaming babies and small children – especially on planes or trains. Yes, I get it we were all children once, but I like my peace and quiet and if I can hear you above my headphones YOU’RE TOO LOUD. Check out my post from my BFF about not wanting children, I pretty much agree… (that’s a whole other post in itself).

Show-offs… No one cares about your new LV speedy bag or how much it cost. Has humble-pie become extinct or is it because social media has made us all a little self-obsessed? Anyway, I do believe there is a fine line between being flashy and succeeding in silence. Being able to document every part of our lives through social media makes us all see each other differently. The lines between perception and reality are often blurred and there is a pressure nowadays for things to be about what you have rather than who you are… I’d rather you show off your personality than your ugly bag. 

Bad eyebrows… Everyone has their ‘thing’, albeit nails, hair, tattoos, piercings, unicorns etc. Mine is eyebrows – I can spend hours in the mirror perfecting mine until I realise I have to go out. It’s 2015, there is no excuse for bad eyebrows…please pop over to YouTube and peruse a few tutorials. Although if you’re happy with your brows in the state they are, please discard the above and ignore me! 

What are your pet peeves?

Char xo

14 responses to “Musings: My Pet Peeves”

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