October 9, 2015

Musings: There’s No Place I’d Rather Be… [A Travel Bucket-list]

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming of places you’d like to be…?
Here is where I ponder of and dream of daily…

Cigars, old cars and Bacardi are just a few of the things you can experience in this beautiful island. As much as I love a city, Cuba is as far away from a concrete jungle as you can get. Perhaps this is why I want to go? As much as I love the digital world, it scares me that I barely look at the sky anymore. My face is glued to my iPhone, iPad and MacBook, pretty much 24/7… I would love to sample some Cuban food, explore the wildlife and take a Salsa lesson or two. Would you?


The closest I have got to Venice is staying at the very impressive Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. As beautiful as it was, I was all too aware that Venice had been brought to me on a plate. Even though I live in London, Europe is practically on my doorstep – I really haven’t explored it much. I’m hoping next year to do more city breaks and explore this uncharted territory that is Venice. Famed as a romantic destination, I reckon Venice is somewhere I would like to visit alone, take a gondola ride, sample the food and explore the spiralling alleys.

Flash-forward 2018… I did visit alone, read about it here. 


Before I start on why I want to explore Rome I should put it out there that it isn’t for pasta. In fact I’m probably one of few people on this planet who doesn’t like it! Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day and that is clearly evident from the beautiful architecture. I’ve always wanted to go to Rome as a child brought up in the Catholic church, something has always fascinated me about this city. If you’re wondering, I am an atheist, but I do believe in some element of spirituality (that’s another post altogether)…  I actually recently booked a trip for this December as it was so cheap (under £150) for a weekend and cannot wait to explore. Have you got any tips for places to go in Italy’s capital city? 


Fiji to me is the ultimate paradise destination. For now, the closest I can I get to this faraway paradise is drinking an overpriced bottle of Fiji water.

The US 

The US has so much to offer and in all honesty I wouldn’t know where to begin. Eventually I do want to live and work there (New York, if you’re wondering, but before (and if)) I do, here are a few places I am itching to go to…

New Orleans

My desire to go to New Orleans was re-ignited whilst watching American Horror Story season three. The French influences on this gorgeous place have made it somewhere truly unique and created it’s own culture. I cannot wait to eat in New Orleans; I mean they have the most amazing seafood, gumbo, jambalaya and SHRIMP. New Orleans not only has a rich and vibrant history, it is home to amazing music and the birthplace of Jazz. I think I’ll be booking my ticket very soon…


I always said I’m not going to Miami until I can wear swimsuit and feel comfortable, so this is going to be a distant dream for the moment. For now I can re-watch Dexter on Netflix to envision what my distant dream might be (just the not being killed part). Miami to me, would probably be another version of Vegas with a hint of Cuban influence and beautiful coastlines. Lets not forget the the clubs, the food and of course the crocodiles.

Is there anywhere you desperately want to go?

Char xo

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  1. I can confirm that Rome and Venice are great picks. Hope you get to visit one day soon 🙂

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  12. Juanita says:

    I have literally sat and read about 9 posts one after the other before ending up on this one literally travel inspo with every click! Love that you love your own company as well! Finally someone who totally gets it! I’m totally afraid of getting lost in another country but one day I will travel on my own!!!! *Pins to wanderlust board*
    Juanita x

    • I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW BUT I’D LOOK WEIRD SITTING MY PHONE LMAO – You are a doll, this is such a sweet comment. Travelling alone is literally the best thing I’ve ever done. Start somewhere small and cheap and see how you get on!!! <3 xxxxxxxxx

  13. I have literally sat and read about 9 posts one after the other before ending up on this one and it’s literally inspo with every click! Love that you love your own company as well! Finally someone who totally gets it! I’m totally afraid of getting lost in another country but one day I will travel on my own!!!! *Pins to wanderlust board* Juanita x


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