October 26, 2015

Memoirs: The Vegas Diaries – Part Two

So after a terrible 10 hour flight, we landed in Vegas at around 12.30pm. Stepping out of the air-conditioned confines of the airport we were soon greeted by the Vegas heat. It was around 42C and only getting warmer by the hour; my British upbringing wasn’t ready for it in all honesty.

We grabbed a cab, or shall I say taxi and headed to our hotel to check in. The cab ride from Las Vegas to McCarran strip was around 15 minutes which is amazing as it gives you more holiday time! There’s nothing worse than another long journey after a LONG flight.


IMG_9975IMG_9976 The Venetian Hotel is absolutely stunning, amazing, perfect, insert another descriptive word to suit because I have run out. Basically it is my aspiration to live here one day (as well as New York). There is something about opulent, decadent big spaces that just pulls at my heartstrings. It’s a far cry from my London shoebox.

The Ventian - RoomIMG_9980IMG_9981

After checking in and a snoop around our amazing room, it was definitely time to freshen up and hit the pool. We headed to the pool deck to soak up up some much needed Vitamin D and a few cocktails. The Venetian Hotel has SEVEN pools – one for every day of the week perhaps?


Vegas Heat

The heat in Vegas is different to any I’ve experienced before, it’s basically like I having the heating on full blast night and day. One wonders why they built a city in the middle of the desert? Who knows and who cares but after just a few hours in Las Vegas, I knew returning home would be very hard.

After lounging around the pool for a few hours (a hard life I know); we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed back to our room to get rid of the jet-lag. At least I think we did because I can’t actually remember!

A lasting thought

All I know from landing in Vegas and being there only a few short hours, all I kept thinking is that there is nothing for me in London apart from work. The world is much bigger than TFL’s Zone 1-6. I hope to discover more of this wondrous world and will continue to share my adventures with you in this blog. Come with me if you dare.

Have you been to Vegas? I would love to know your experiences – do comment and let me  know below.😊

Char xo

All Vegas images in this post were taken by me. 

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  1. Kristy says:

    I love Vegas. I’m not 21, but I love shopping in Caesar’s Palace and the Fashion Show mall, and watching shows! The most amazing experience I’ve had is seeing the Phantom of the Opera. Looking at your pictures brings back great memories for me 🙂


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