November 29, 2015

Memoirs: My Diluted Christmas Spirit

Jingle All the WayIs my spirit fading? 

Is it me or has the barrage of all things Christmas started a little too early this year? Every advert is about Christmas this and Christmas that. Even now with the UK’s adoption of the US shopping bargain bonanza Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Christmas feeling is just buy buy buy. Not that I’m complaining, I love a bargain as much as the next person. But part of me cannot wait until is all over and just back to my reflective January. I have a ritual where I don’t drink in January and just workout hardcore however I should really do this every month.

Or am I getting older? 

As I get older I’m wondering if I am realising that Christmas really doesn’t have that charm anymore. Have the rose-tinted glasses come off? Yes they have. Have I become more cynical and emotionless as I go through my quarter-life crisis? Certainly.

Childhood reflection

Reflecting on my childhood, I used to LOVE circling what I wanted in the Argos catalogue and really believing Santa bought it for me on Christmas day. I was even convinced I saw him once as I looked out my bedroom window as a curious 6 year old. I remember the fun of waking up early and creeping downstairs on Christmas morning only to be told to go back to sleep until everyone else was up. It really was a simpler time. In contrast, Christmas in my early 20s have been focused on finding the perfect gift with the constant worry if they’ll return it or re-gift it.

How I feel now 

My Christmas is all about being with my friends on Christmas Eve and enjoying their company. Last year was the first year I wasn’t at home for Christmas. At first I must admit it was quite odd but I really enjoyed it. It opened my eyes to the fact that the Western world really focuses so much on this day to be ‘perfect’.

What is the perfect Christmas anyway? Is it scrolling through Instagram and seeing the really sh*t engagement and pregnancy announcements? Or is it posting your new Michael Kors watch and second-hand Fiat 500 in the driveway with the Valencia filter on Instagram?

A perfect Christmas doesn’t exist. Or does it? I think as you get older it is important to forge your own traditions or continue ones that are already in your life. 📝

Christmas is really about food

I don’t know about you but Christmas for me is really about food. Turkey, pigs in blankets, mince pies, the list goes on. I don’t care about presents because lets be honest they all go on sale the next day and when I really want something I buy it myself.


I can’t help but think I feel so guilty about even moaning about Christmas when so many people in this world have nothing. If anything this season has made me realise that the best thing you can do is to give, whether it be money, time or a lending hand. Someone out there just might need it.

Char xo

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