December 13, 2015

Memoirs: The Bloggers Christmas Burger – Event Roundup

The other night I headed down to the Bloggers Christmas Dinner organised by the lovely Pippa. I’d previously met her at the Bloggeration workshop back in early November and we’d keep in touch on Twitter. As soon as Pippa got in touch about #bloggerschristmasburger l was all in!

Love at first bite

Myself and Nadine were a little early as we both work nearby, so we thought we would kill some time with a tiny nibble and drink at Bill’s. Having never visited Bill’s before, I didn’t really think much of it in all honesty, just that is another chain restaurant. But my glass of Prosecco was under a fiver so wahey for London! 🍾🍴

Brioche has a really homely atmosphere; it felt as though I was at someone’s house in the suburbs, not slap bang in the middle of London. I thought it would have been an area of the restaurant specifically booked out for us but we had the whole space to ourselves. The fluffy chair covers were a lovely addition and it made it feel even more homely as well as being greeted with a Christmassy cocktail. 🏡


I chatted with Nadine, Megan, Davina and Danielle for the evening who were such fun. It so nice to meet new people in the blogging community, find out why they blog. On top of that, how could I forget the burger? It was so hard to choose between what meat and toppings I wanted as there was so many great options. I ended up going for the halloumi and mushroom (ended up receiving bacon); all I can say that looking through my terrible photos below does not do it any justice. The sweetness of the brioche bun and the savoury taste of the burger was amazing, the contrast between them is so mouth-watering. What could get you more in the Christmas spirit than a burger? Curly fries of course, and hash browns… The delicious array of sides that accompanied the tasty burger surely induced my food coma-like sleep when I got home.

The Menu



But my favourite part was the healthy slice of sticky toffee pudding that I surprisingly made room for after the amazing burger. It came with a dollop of ice-cream and it was potentially my favourite desert of 2015.



Overall it was a lovely little evening and thank you to Pippa to organising everything (and to Bee Good, Sass and Belle & Letterbox Gifts too). So much work goes into organising blogger events and I wouldn’t have the patience to do it myself, so props to Pippa and anyone who can do it!

One of my highlights of the night was the cracker pull which involved all of us simultaneously tugging at one another in the hope of getting the usual festive hat, joke and prize.



I really like blogger events where you can hold a conversation with others without the fear of just standing around looking awkward. Perhaps this is the way forward, more community involvement versus a year 6 disco vibe? 😀

Char xo

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