January 2, 2016

Musings: The Lip Tag (My Favourite Lipsticks)

I was kindly nominated by Rebecca over at Northern Soul Beauty to complete The Lip Tag. You can check out her beauty blog here.

1. What was the first lipstick you ever owned?

I actually cannot for the life of remember but I’m going to say Maybelline’s Honey Biege which was all too wrong for my skin-tone. It was SO ashy…cue powdered-donut lips anyone?🍩

2. Which lip product has been the biggest disappointment?

Buxom Lip Foundation is possibly my worst purchase, to be fair I did buy it on a drunken visit to Sephora in Las Vegas. I had always seen YouTuber ItsmyRayeRaye use it and thought it would act as a great base. But low and behold…the texture is way too thick and it is totally the wrong colour for me (too much orange), I am wondering if I can make it work in 2016 though.
2018 Update:  All you need is  the right lip liner.

3. Which lipstick is your holy grail product?

I was almost close to saying Mac Velvet Teddy but my all time favourite is Mac Spirit. You can find out why here.

4. If you could only ever have 3 lip products for the rest of your life, which 3 would they be and why?

My god this is such a hard question but I would choose:
Mac Spirit – The perfect nude for my skin-tone, this shade is seriously underrated.

Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 048 or 064 – I think the shades are called Obsession and an Addiction. These are hands down my favourite lip liners ever; they’re cheap, glide on so smoothly and really hold your lip colour all day. I recently bought a Mac lip liner in Spice which I love but I much prefer the texture of the Rimmel lip liners.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Trust Issues – Every girl needs a vampy dark red lip don’t they? The only problem is that it is so drying so you definitely need to exfoliate beforehand and apply lip-balm.

5. Matte or glossy?

Matte! I love the glossy finish but my hair gets caught in it way too much for my liking.

6. Which is the most expensive lipstick you own?

All my Mac ones… Currently coveting Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford though *one day*

7. What is the cheapest lippie in your collection?

Probably the Kate red lipstick from Rimmel. It’s a retro red that I am yet to wear as I’m still not sure on it!

8. What is your favourite non lipstick lip product?

I love Mac’s Just Superb plush glass lip gloss. This looks amazing over just a lip liner, on its own or even over lipstick.

9. What non traditional lip colour would you love to see come into fashion?

I just wish I could wear black lipstick and it would become the social norm, sometimes you have to explore your dark side…
Black lipstick

I would love to your posts on The Lip Tag – please comment below and leave me your links to check them out!

Char xo

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