March 22, 2016

Musings: ‘The Beauty Blogger Tag’

I was kindly nominated by Rianne to complete ‘The Beauty Blogger Tag’. I haven’t written a beauty post in a while, so why not!

You can check out her post here and her lovely blog here. Here goes…

Where in the world would you love to holiday next? 

Well well well… if anyone asks me this question, I always say Fiji, simply because it is as far away from my seemingly mundane life as you can get. What I would give to pack my bags and go…

However on a realistic note, I’m going to Milan in April so I guess this is my next ‘holiday’. I also booked to go to LA and Las Vegas in October because clearly I have no self-control when it comes to booking trips. I’m sticking to my motto of ‘Catch flights, not feelings’. In all seriousness, all I wanna do is travel at the moment, my fantasy list is here if you fancy some more inspiration of places I’d love to visit!

What’s your staple beauty item right now?

This is SUCH a hard question and it has actually made me look at what I use on a daily basis and what I reach for and it has to be the Mac ‘Soft and Gentle’ Mineralize Skinfinish. It is versatile, can be used alone, under or over foundation and it really gives a soft and gentle glow (if that’s what you want). But sometimes I like to be EXTRA and layer it on because who has time to contour when you can be a glowy orb of joy. I can’t believe I paid £24 for what is essentially DUST, but LOOK:



Name your go-to lip balm?

I only reach for lip balm in Winter when my lips become crusty as loaf of Hovis. I don’t have a particular go-to brand I’m afraid, just not Carmex because it BURNS.
What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve found about blogging?

That there are some really lovely people out there who actually like a moment out of their day to read it. I’m really humbled when someone leaves me a comment or sends me a tweet saying they liked my post. You guys don’t know how much it means!



What’s your favourite Twitter chat and why?

I really like the Brown Beauty Talk on a Sunday evening at 8pm. This is one of the first Twitter chats I joined in before I started blogging properly again and it is one I will always try and participate it. It is simply because it is a place to openly discuss issues WOC face in the beauty industry and some useful tips to apply to my regime.


Do you spend more time doing your hair or your makeup?

Makeup for sure…although I told myself this was the hair I learn to do my hair and yet its still a bunch of UGH.


High Street or High End?

High end for base products and high street for everything else. It is all about the balance in life.
Do you prefer matte or dewy foundation?

Matte, simply because I am yet to find a dewy foundation that works for me! The best thing about a matte foundation is that you can mix it with an illuminator or liquid highlighter and make it dewy, so it is much more versatile. Also after my £24 dust purchase (see above), I will be staying away from buying any dewy foundations for a while…


If you had to choose one beauty item to use forever, what would it be?

Mascara. It makes a difference to even the stubbiest of lashes. Also, without it I look like a human thumb.
What makeup item is your go-to item for a holiday?

This is actually a little weird but every time I go away I always bright out my Barry M blue kohl eyeliner. It looks SO good with a tan and really makes your eyes ‘pop’. You wouldn’t really catch me wearing it in London, but you can catch my buying it in Superdrug for £2.99!


Char xo

22 responses to “Musings: ‘The Beauty Blogger Tag’”

  1. Love reading your answers. Also your make up looks amazing! X

  2. Love your answers, im feeling blue eyeliner looks lately too need to pick on up for my hol x

  3. That powder looks PERFECT. MUST. BUY. NOW. Heheh 🙂 and also your blog theme is gorgeous!
    Hatsy xx

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