April 6, 2016

Musings: Where to Next? ✈️ Another Travel Bucketlist

Nothing excites me more than turning on my out of office, printing off my boarding card and the last-minute frantic packing the night before a trip. Okay… take away the frantic packing and you have yourselves a ball of fun


Often described as the fashion capital of the world, Milan has been on my travel wish-list ever since I came back from Rome last December. Italy is so effortlessly beautiful; from the architecture to the chic men and women, I knew I would be returning soon. 🛬

One of my goals for 2016 was to travel alone and when I saw Ryanair flights to Milan for £12.99 each way I knew it was meant to be! Before booking I did ask a few friends if they wanted to go but alas they all declined so I just thought f*ck it, time for some solo YOLO. I always think if you spend you’re time waiting for people you’ll be waiting forever, so you just have to do things for you! 💪🏽

The best thing would be that I’ll be on my own schedule, not worrying about anyone being late to the airport or any waiting around in general. Another challenge that comes with this solo trip is taking hand luggage only, so in preparation I have been scouring travel blogs for handy tips of what to take and useful packing tips. ✍🏽

After booking my super cheap flights (ironically cheaper than some rail tickets in the UK), I was on the hunt for a budget hotel that didn’t resemble a dump. The cheapest ones of course were hostels but the idea of sharing a room with 8-10 other people really puts me off. I just can’t succumb to it. Maybe if I was lucky enough to do that GAP YAAR in-between 6th form and university I’d be more open to it. In my quarter-life crisis, I would like to experience little bit of luxury (within reason). 👀


A few other hotels that came up were really out-of-the-way, meaning I’d be spending most of my time travelling in and out of the city, so I gathered it’d be much easier to stay somewhere central. I came across the Crowne Plaza City Centre, read the TripAdvisor reviews and knew this would be perfect for a few days. At around £135 for two nights, it is actually really good value considering if you were going to be staying in a decent hotel in London, you’d be paying double or triple this amount. 💸

Why I can’t wait to go to Milan…

Los Angeles and Las Vegas 🇺🇸
This trip actually started off as a drunken conversation which I can’t believe came to fruition – but I like to think I’m true to my word! My friend and I wanted to do LA and Vegas or New York and Vegas or all three but actually trying to book this on your own is SO MUCH EFFORT and not to mention so expensive. When it comes most of my life I’m a meticulous planner but this really threw me off. Even using a combination of my favourite travel sites (Holiday Pirates, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor etc) it was proving to be an arduous task. 😬

So instead I just started looking at multi-centre holidays and came across Travelbag (which I’d actually used years ago). They had Los Angeles/ Las Vegas trips starting at £939… 😍 which was well within our budget as I was starting to think it might not happen. I sent an enquiry e-mail to find out more and I had a speedy response with flight and hotel options. Not going to lie, the first set of hotels that were sent over kinda resembled a murder scene so I asked for a few more options!

So… I’ll be staying at the 5* Beverly Hilton and The Trump Vegas (Please don’t judge me😂). I would highly recommend B for booking as you only need to leave a £200pp deposit and pay the final balance 12 weeks before you fly. 💡

Having been to the US twice in the past year, you might think I’m a little hooked but I’m just trying to tick places off on my mental bucket-list (and before my future sabbatical!). Not only that, both places have so much to do and see with so many more memories to be made.

Why I can’t wait to go to LA…

– Venice Beach (Roller skates and ice cream anyone?)

– Hollywood Forever cemetery (Where the stars are laid to rest)

– Hollywood sign (You just have to!)

– Griffith Park (To see the City of Angels from a distance)

– Hollywood Walk of Fame

– Hiring a car and driving down the coast blaring Lana Del Rey’s ‘West Coast’ like Thelma and Louise 💁🏾💁🏽

Image sourced from Giphy

Image sourced from Giphy

And why I can’t wait to go back to Vegas…

Char xo

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  1. Becky says:

    I’m so glad you left your blog link with me, your posts are amazing! Im in love with your writing style, and this post was so enjoyable to read! You’ve made me really want to travel, unfortunately I’m not this year, as I have no one to go with.. i wish I was brave like you and could go somewhere solo! I’d love to visit America that is my absolute dream, amongst Rome, Paris, Italy, Barcelona, Amsterdam, etc etc! I want to explore the world!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

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  5. […] Before long it was time to get ready and head to the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn for the Net vs. Knicks game. Basketball is one of the few sports I actually understand and enjoy and I was so glad we booked tickets before coming. It made me feel like we definitely made the most of New York and in comparison to London, yes I go to the odd concert, but I don’t really make the most of what it has to offer. I could write a whole blog post why I’m over London but not to dwell, this post is about another concrete jungle… Our seats for the game were SO good and it was great to see so many families, friends and couples at the event. Americans really do know how to put on a show and the actual game was a lot more fun than I thought it’d be. We even saw one of my favourite early 2000s rappers – Ja Rule sitting court side and enjoying the match. It was a shame Aunty Bey and Uncle Jay weren’t around…   All in all – I think I could speak for all of us and that we had such a GOOD time and proceeded to explore Brooklyn for a little bit… Only until the pain of wearing heels started to get to us and the fact that we didn’t actually have a place in mind to go to. We stopped for food at what seemed like a local neighbourhood Turkish restaurant (which reminded me of home). We wondered where we could spend the rest of our night which didn’t involve strippers (I think two nights in a row was enough to be honest). I suggested The Dream Hotel in Midtown which was home to the PHD Terrace bar… As soon as we pulled up, I could tell I had made a good choice, but when lining up we found out the bar had a hefty minimum spend. For our last proper night, I guess we’d wanted it to be a cheap one so we just got a drink in the lobby instead. I mean what is it with the minimum spend rule in the US? I guess it stops people coming here to abuse the view and leave (LOL I know I would). Anyway, the lobby didn’t disappoint and the music was so chilled and brought back the taste of nostalgia with old school R&B and Hip Hop. I really liked the vibe; trendy without being pretentious, kinda like Shoreditch meets Chelsea but with a little more energy. If I’m honest, I kinda gutted I didn’t get to see the views from up high of NYC at night as I’m a sucker for a rooftop bar, but I know I’ll be back so it’s ALL GOOD. […]

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  28. Tania says:

    Love your blog! ❤ So many tips I have just screenshot!

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