April 14, 2016

Guest Post: Why You Should Visit Amsterdam

Your bucket list should contain everything you want to do before you die, and for many people, travel is high on the itinerary. When looking at the trip of a lifetime, there are many places to choose from, especially around Europe. If you’re still wondering what to include on your bucket list, or you’re just looking for somewhere amazing to go this summer, check out Amsterdam! There are plenty of reasons to visit, and we have picked out four of our highlights.

Reason #1: It’s easy to get around

Like many European cities, there is a rich historical heritage in Amsterdam, with many art galleries, museums, and sites of cultural significance to visit. Unlike Paris, where you will be at the mercy of busy traffic 24/7, you can see all that Amsterdam has to offer with relative ease. Bikes are the most popular mode of transport, and you can easily navigate your way through the shopping and residential areas to quickly get around. If two wheels don’t take your fancy, then head out on the canal, and hire a boat taxi or rent one out yourself during your stay.

Reason #2: Take a walk on the wild side

Amsterdam is famous for many things – tulips, windmills, Anne Frank – but the reason many people go is for the wilder aspects of the city. For starters, there is the Red Light District, which is a popular tourist spot for many reasons. Aside from the obvious, you can learn more about prostitution at the Yab Yum Museum (which was a former brothel), as well as peruse the many sex shops, erotic museums, and stage shows. Amsterdam is also famous for its legalization of cannabis, which you can purchase at one of the many coffeeshops (the name is misleading), or if alcohol is more your thing, check out the numerous breweries, and be sure to purchase discounted tickets for the Heineken Experience.

Reason #3: A taste of culture

Amsterdam isn’t only famous for its saucy and illicit side, as there is much to see for those with an interest in the city’s artier side. At nearly 1000 years old, the architecture is really something to behold, with a fine mix of the modern combined with a classical array of medieval and renaissance buildings around this fine city. Amsterdam is also home to some of the finest art galleries in the world, with plenty of artistic treasures to be found in the museum district, including the famed Van Gogh Museum. And if paintings aren’t your thing, there are also museums dedicated to cats, photography, and even handbags! Something for all tastes then!


Reason #4: The friendly people

Amsterdam has some of the friendliest people in Europe. We aren’t suggesting this has anything to do those aforementioned coffeeshops of course, as the culture has long been famed for it’s relaxed attitude to outsiders. This is marked by the fact that Amsterdam has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, where tourists are less likely to be fleeced by pickpockets and muggers. English is the second language too, so the people here are very easy to speak to, whether you enjoy the incredible nightlife in the city, or partake of a pastry in one of the backstreet cafes.



Four very good reasons to visit Amsterdam, we are sure you will agree. Let us know what you think, and if you have visited this famed city, let me know what your highlights were. Thanks for reading!

Char xo

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