August 21, 2016

Musings: A Little Borough Box Review

With it being 2016 and all there seems to be a massive wave of consciousness around food, healthy eating, exercise regimes and fad diets. The whole thing can just become a little overwhelming. Unless you’re hunting your prey or foraging for your fruit and veg, who really knows what they’re consuming? Maybe that’s a drastic way of looking at it, but the key to becoming conscious of what you’re consuming is to educate yourself before making any vast changes to your lifestyle. But at the same time, who really cares – food is fuel, food is supposed to be enjoyed, food is necessary. This leads me on to…

Borough Box is a brand that brings together independent food and drink produce and for foodies like me, this would be the perfect gift!

What I really took from meeting James and Andy is that they’re really passionate about food, where it comes from and the story behind it. I was kindly sent Borough Box to review and here is my story…

Wowza Biltong

Venison meat wouldn’t be my first choice when picking biltong, but after sampling some at #BigBloggerExpo I was excited to see this in my Borough Box. If you aren’t familiar with biltong, it is a type of dried meat native to South Africa infused with spices and high in protein. I find that I ‘dip’ at 3pm, so this made a great mid-afternoon, pre-gym snack. The packaging and size are perfect to keep in your desk drawer or in your bag for when you’re feeling peckish.

The Primal Pantry Bars  

I loved this bar – the ingredients reminded me of a flapjacks(Apple and pecan) but less guilty. Again – this would make a great on the go healthy snack for those of us who like to reach for the 3pm chocolate!

Chins Kitchen Nankhati

When I first saw these – I wasn’t sure; I’m skeptical of anything savoury and sweet but again – who can tell what something tastes like from a small description and the packaging? All I can say that these were perfectly formed puffs of happiness infused with peanuts. The best thing about these were that the peanuts weren’t too overpowering and the balance between savoury and sweet was just right. I could see myself tucking into these instead of Scottish shortbread in future.

Vegetarian Caviar you say? This is an oxymoron if anything but I was intrigued to try it nonetheless! It wasn’t as bad or as scary as I thought it would taste – just like the ocean. I’m not sure if this would have a place in my life BUT it could be used for weddings, canapés or just for those moments you want to be a little indulgent without breaking the bank.
Whirld Fudge is potentially the best fudge I’ve ever had in the history of life. From the texture, to the taste, to the fact that I could have almost eaten the whole pack in one sitting confirmed that this should have been taken out of my possession. I’ve tried other fudges and they don’t compare to this, they leave you feeling lethargic and MEH. I think the key to Whirld’s success is the fact their produce is handmade ensuring love is in the process!

Pink Himalyan Salt 

PINK SALT – WHAAAAT? From doing a little research I learn that Pink Himalayan salt is a great alternative to ordinary table salt. Weirdly enough I just couldn’t get to grips with pink salt on my chips (weird, I know), so I decided to add this to my self-care Sunday bath routine and they worked really well. It made such a difference instead of plain water and I will keep you updated of how I get on!

Basil Infused Olive Oil 

All things olive oil take me back to any holiday I’ve had around the Mediterranean. It should be noted that I hate salads with a passion so I am constantly looking for something to make them a little more tasty. This product really added a lovely hint to my chicken salads throughout the past few weeks and I am slowly beginning to become more comfortable with all things green! Useful tip – this also worked great as a hair treatment! Every month I like to douse my hair in olive oil as a conditioning treatment to leave it feeling soft and silky smooth (even if it did smell like basil).

Pumpkin Oil

Okay I’ve left this til last as I am still yet to try it, I just don’t know how to implement it into my everyday life. If you have any ideas, please tweet me or comment below.

You can find out more about the Borough Box story here and on Twitter and Facebook.

What would you love to try? 
Char xo

Please note these products were sent for my review but all opinions are my own. 

4 responses to “Musings: A Little Borough Box Review”

  1. What an interesting box! We’ve got into subscription boxes, might have to try this one out! Anything food, we’re all for it haha

    The fudge sounds soooo good! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

  2. This sounds like such a mixed bag! I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with pumpkin oil but I love the sound of the pink salt.


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