September 18, 2016

Memoirs: Kiss Nails x Jess Wright – Event Roundup

The other week I headed on down JessWrightXKiss launch party event hosted by Alex Silver PR and their lovely team. Setting off to the ever lively Soho, I meandered through all the little side roads and alleys with the help of City Mapper and arrived at the aptly named and well hidden Soho Hotel.

Random fact about me: I LOVE LOOKING AT HOTELS. So being able to have a peak into some of the ones in my city is an added bonus…

Once arriving at the venue, I as directed to the very top floor, so I hopped in the lift and made my way up to the JessWrightXKiss shindig. Of course, me being me – I took the wrong exit out of the lift and knew I was in the wrong area when I could see people coming out of their bedrooms *whoops*.
I was greeted with a glass of wine and chatted with the PR team for a moment before taking a look around and admiring the gorgeous view.
I recently had eyelash extensions done and whilst I loved the look of them, in actuality I hated not being able to rub my face and I just felt constantly aware of them. My alternative now was fake lashes as the great thing about them is that you can take them off when you’re done!

I was able to get some put on by the team (I choose the Lily lashes) and I loved the OOMPH they gave my eyes. They were full, defined without being OTT. They were also perfect for everyday wear but all I need to do now is get the right technique!
It was amazing to see the vast range available and just how affordable they were (Starting from around £5.99). I always think ‘yeah expensive equates to better’ but when you look at someone’s make up you look at the craft and not the price of the items.
So who cares if it’s drugstore or high-end, as long as it works for you.

The same goes for manicures – not everyone has the time to go and get a mani every week and to be honest, waiting for paint to dry is bloody boring. I don’t know about you but I always seem to fall asleep when my nails are drying and wake up to a horrifying smudged mess invading my nails. This is where imPress Press-On manicures and Kiss nails come in… no mess, no waiting for paint to dry and ready in literally minutes. Since writing this post – I can confirm that my nails that were put on at the party lasted a good week! I couldn’t believe how strong they were and I was still able to type and lift weights (or attempt to) without any problems. I will definitely be using these for the foreseeable future!

It was lovely to see Jess Wright at the party endorsing a brand I have been familiar with and have had access to for years.

Overall, it was a really lovely party, run by a great team at Alex Silver PR and Kiss – I am so thankful for the goody bag – I don’t think I’ll be running out of nails or lashes anytime soon!

Char xo

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