October 16, 2016

Musings: The Long Forgotten Dream

Following on from one of my latest posts, it prompted me to think exactly what things I actually would like to achieve and do in this lifetime. Do you ever wonder about your long forgotten dreams? Once upon a dream I wanted to explore these paths…

Wedding Planner
I love hearing all talk weddings but more from the planning side than the actual event cos I’m single like a dollar bill at the moment. Probably even worse off from the shocking exchange rate against the pound (1.22 ugh😩).
Anyway, I never realised how much I enjoyed planning things until I started using Pinterest to idealise my thoughts… I’ve planned my Great Gatsby themed soireé, my Old Hollywood bash and my modern New York fairytale wedding in a matter of hours. It’s crazy how lost you can get in a theme or idea and really be able to flesh it out. This probably again relates to me wanting to direct music videos once upon a time because I immediately have a treatment in my mind when listening to new music.
But weddings are something else, some say you won’t even care on the day and that it’s all about the love… whatever love is, I have no idea.
All I know is that wedding planning sounded like a fun career option once upon a time but for now I’ll stick to Pinterest and the old J.Lo movie.
Music Video Director
Writing treatments and creating moodboards is exactly what I wanna start doing when I listen to new music (apart from dancing of course). From the costumes, mood, tone, models, actors, theme – there is so much to take into consideration when you look at a 3 and a half-minute music video. Look at Beyoncé’s Lemonade, she’s taken the term music video and made it into something iconic and memorable.
I love a music video that I can watch time and time again and still find new meanings; much like a major motion picture should be. For me, Hype Williams  was my inspiration back in the day and still is now. His music videos have his signature style all over them i.e split screen, use of colour, centre focus and this is truly the marking of a great director.
 img_3252 img_3251
I think again what I probably love most about the whole process is the creating part and then seeing all your work come together in a three and a half-minute edit. If you ever did A-Level Media Studies you’d probably have an understanding of what I’m rambling on about…
Make Up Connoisseur
I never really used to be a huge fan of make up to be honest. I didn’t really understand it as a teenager, prompting hideous mistakes like this…
I’m actually cringing but we all have to start somewhere right? Practice does make perfect as they say…
I am happy to say I’m a make up junkie but I also do realise make up is just make up. Without it, I am still me. What I have always dreamed of is having my own make up line complete with everything from foundations to eyeshadows to brushes. One thing I’d make sure is that it’d be women of colour friendly, good for the skin and affordable. The funny thing I again I love the creative side more than the technical (i.e ingredients only interest me to an extent). I have all the all names and themes picked out; travel is a prominent one for sure. One day I do want to make this happen…
Char xo

Please note – images in this post (apart from the ones of myself) do not belong to me. They have been sourced from Twitter and Instagram for reference purposes only.

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