November 20, 2016

​Memoirs: Bloggers Xmas – Event Roundup

Yesterday I headed on down to BloggersXmas organised by Soeurs De Luxe with my boo Mariah from Its Mariah Jean, not before grabbing some lunch before. We had a little trouble finding Wagamama at first as it was pretty hidden but it was so beautiful to see how empty the City of London is at the weekend. I’m a sucker for pretty architecture and looking up and around me I could almost feel like I was in Dubai, except it was cold and I was in London. *SIGH*

img_4451 img_4453

Is it me, or is this November really really cold? Like obviously I know it’s Winter and of course it’s gonna be cold but I feel like certain body parts could fall off right now. Anyway, after filling up on some good old Wagamama, we walked on down to Finch’s pub where BloggersXmas was being held. I’m not particularly the most festive person and if I’m honest all Christmas means to me now is food rather than materialistic shopping element. That’s a whole other issue in itself which I think I moaned about last year in my post here.


Finch’s pub had a lovely homely atmosphere and we were greeted by Jasmine and Kirsty who gave us a brochure about the event and a wristband. Mariah and I made our way around the venue, speaking to a few brands and bumping into a few bloggers we knew along the way. Here is a little round-up of the brands we spoke to:

Type the Hype
We were given handy planners and post it notes to help us get through this blogging world. Sometimes the best you thing you can do is tick things off to let you know where you are and how far you’ve got. I have since signed up for the Type the Hype platform, which connects bloggers with brands, and I hope I’ll be making a connection soon.

I’m not the most candle-loving blogger on this planet, but I really liked what Aromand had to offer, especially the Apple and Ginger pudding one. Sue kindly gave Mariah and I one to try and I will waiting for a pamper day to light it. Aromand make great affordable presents for Christmas, Birthdays, Christenings etc and their scents are really beautiful.

Journo Link
In short, Journo Link is a platform that small businesses use to send press releases to journalists, writers and bloggers. This is a free to use service for bloggers and signing up is super easy. Whether you’re a fitness or fashion blogger, you can tailor your interests so you can receive content relevant to you.

I’d become familiar with the PNY brand at #BloggersFestival and I was so happy to see them again! Their products are affordable, fashionable (hello rose gold) and the lens kit I received in the goody bag is definitely going to up my photography game.


Katherine Elizabeth
I was attracted to the beautiful hats in an array of colours on this stand and definitely wanted to find out more. Katherine kindly explained that each one takes between 6 and 8 hours to make and she also runs workshops. This is definitely something different from your usual day out and I reckon if you were off to the races or a wedding, it’d be a nice way to celebrate in the run up to the event.

SB London
I absolutely love statement necklaces and Sheena’s stand caught my eye as obviously a human magpie. I loved her pieces as they got the right balance between editorial high fashion and a wearable statement piece for people like me. I learnt that all her pieces are made from antiques and can take up to two weeks to make. You can check out more of her work here.


Joe Browns
The Joe Browns stand immediately reminded me I need to get something to wear for New Years Eve, my beach holiday in a few weeks and just over the party season. Their collection oozes glitz and glamour and particularly reminded me of the Art Deco erachampagne anyone?

Jewellery Box UK
The Jewellery Box stand always stands out to me just to the sheer level of detail that goes into it. What I really love about their pieces is that they’re dainty, effortless and minimal, perfect for those outfits where you just want a little something but not too much.

img_4424 img_4422 img_4425

Thank you to all the fantastic brands, the amazing goody bags and of course Jasmine and Kirsty of Soeurs De Luxe who must have worked tirelessly to get it all sorted! 

Char xo

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  1. Jessica Lam says:

    This looks like it was so much fun! Happy holidays, Char 🙂

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