December 29, 2016

Musings: Be Your Own Bae 🍾

Sometimes I sit in social situations and realise I’m the only one who is single. When did everyone start settling down, coupling up, having kids and just doing all the things that require some paperwork somewhere along the line. Perhaps it’s all been whilst I’ve been on holiday…?


I’m not quite sure but the idea of commitment right now at this point in my life scares me. Not that anyone is there in the first instance and the only thing I’ve really commit to is an overpriced two year iPhone 7 contract. *sigh* 


I’m slowly getting out of my quarter-life crisis and a few things have happened in 2016 to make me realise life is way too damn short. I can happily admit I’ve come into my own this year; I’m slowly learning to go with the flow and if it means flying solo – who cares? I am my own bae after all. Here are a few ways you can be your own bae too:

Treat Yo’self

Coffee, those shoes you’ve been eyeing up for week, a new book. As much as I’m trying to save, it’s also important to not completely deny yourself…

This was lame… but it did say to write a message…

Dine Solo

It’s cheaper than splitting the bill, you often get better service, order as much or as little as your like. Food is fuel.

Image sourced from Unsplash


Invest in yourself

Mind, body and spirit.



Staycation or vacation; getting out of your everyday surroundings is the best way to gain perspective, challenge yourself and find inspiration. I travelled solo to Milan earlier this year and it really helped me find confidence within myself and realise that my hand doesn’t need to be held every step of the way.

Image sourced from Unsplash

Self Care

I cannot stress the importance of this; look after YOU. I wrote a post here and here where I’ve spoken about my favourite self care tips and how I implement them into my life.


Help others, it doesn’t have to be monetary donation, sometimes the gift of time is greater.

Learn/listen to something that discuss relationships in a positive (and negative light) for example…

At the end of the day, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. If it means taking a break from certain things or certain people to find out what you want or don’t want, so be it.

Char xo

10 responses to “Musings: Be Your Own Bae 🍾”

  1. This post is just so good, being your own bae is the best! I’ve braved solo-dining and travelling the last couple of years and it makes me feel so much more powerful! The best date I went on was with myself to the best mexican place and then to watch Wicked in London. Who needs another half?!


  2. helensnowdon says:

    I love this post. Just because getting married or having a baby is one persons goal doesn’t make it everyone’s. I am nearly 30 and still have no plans of settling down, especially when there is so much of the planet left to explore!


  3. cydneyhelsdown says:

    Absolutely adore this post, it’s so true about loving yourself and having a positive relationship with SELF. So many people get into relationships and rely on others to make them happy, like no get YOUR shit together first. And also just FYI I tried the settling down and have kids thing and it didn’t work out for me, so I’m super happy being single and free right now (if that makes you feel any better!)

    – Cyd xx

  4. cydneyhelsdown says:

    Reblogged this on Cydney Helsdown.

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