January 10, 2017

Guest Post: Saving Cash in the Capital*

There’s no place like London, said Sweeney Todd, and he had it right. The architecture, the food, the sheer number of attractions to suit all ages and tastes: London has it all. It also comes with a rather hefty price tag. As one of the best tourist spots in the entire world, London brings in the people for a very good reason. There is so much to offer to all who set foot in the capital, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost you an arm, a leg and a kidney.

The only place you should really drop a little cash is for your accommodation when you book a trip away to London. You want to be in a convenient location, and trying to stay outside the city and travel in can be a pain when you want to be in the thick of the action. Finding good value West London hotels isn’t difficult, either, and being in the west of the city gives you easy access to the centre and to all the free attractions. So, how can you save your cash in a city that is hotter than anything?



Driving in London can get pricey, given that there is a congestion charge involved. If you’re not afraid to learn the London Underground system or hop a bus, then there is plenty for you to see and do. Grabbing a travelcard or simply travelling by Oyster, London is open to you. Don’t forget your legs, either, as so much of the city is close together you can arm yourself with a good map and walk everywhere you want to get to. Burn calories and save cash while you do it.

London eye


There are so many places you could get decadence in London, from the Ritz to the fancy restaurants that light up Piccadilly. However, you don’t have to spend out on that type of decadence when you can find quirky cafes off the beaten track, or steaming Chinese street food in the Chinatown area of Leicester Square. There are plenty of cafes that are dotted around London and you can get a slap-up breakfast for an amazing bargain, so don’t knock the little places that are always heaving with the locals; there is a reason they’re heaving!

London eye


Museums in London are totally free. If you have an interest in history, science or art, you are going to be spoilt for choice. You can spend hours wandering around the museums of London before heading to one of the many royal parks for an afternoon of relaxation. There isn’t any reason to spend a bit of your money when you want to learn more about the world in the capital that is buzzing with culture. Take in quirky art galleries like this one and learn about art history. There’s never too little to see.

London is waiting for you to tap in and take it by the horns. Don’t look upon it as an expensive experience when it really doesn’t have to be!

Char xo

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