January 13, 2017

Musings: SS17

Let’s be honest, we’re all glad to see the back of 2016 right?

Despite it being a dreary mid-January with us lacking alcohol, meat (for those of us attempting #Veganuary) and most of all a serious lack of money. All we can do is cross off the days to summer like a prisoner waiting to get out of jail. Okay, life isn’t all that bad, but what we can look forward to is Spring/Summer 2017 fashion…

As soon you utter the words spring/summer fashion, what usually comes to mind is florals. A famous person once commented… florals for spring…. ground-breaking. But as 2017 is set to be a year of change (Hello aftermath of Brexit and the Trump house)… we might as well mix up our OOTDs too. Of course the best place to look to for inspiration is the coveted catwalk, so here are a few trends you can start getting to grips with now. Ironically, what is predicted for SS17 is head to toe florals; somehow flowers manage to flourish onto our high streets every year.

High end designers like Altuzarra and Antonio Marras showed you can wear head to toe florals without making you look like your neighbour’s rosebush. The key is to find a shape that suits you, have fun with it and clash. As always, ASOS have managed to be ahead of the game when it comes to fast and affordable fashion, you’ll be looking blooming awesome in no time. If you want to make this trend last through the season, find something you can dress up and dress down, think simple silhouettes that work for you.


Enough with the flower analogies and on to all things ruffles. If you’re a frill seeker (couldn’t resist), this trend can be worn big or small. From a shirt detail or a ruffled skirt, this is one trend that is romantic, subtle, bold and beautiful at the same time. If you’re even more daring, why not opt for a high octane bold colour which will be hard not to miss this spring/summer. Which honey hues nodding to the 70s (think golden yellows and vivid orange reds), no matter you choose to rock it this summer, make no fashion penalties.


Char xo


11 responses to “Musings: SS17”

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  2. Amy says:

    I can’t stand floral stuff, but I do love the pastels of the colours. I need serious help with my wardrobe. I am gonna be hanging onto you I think!!!

  3. croftsandcocktails says:

    I can’t wait to get out of winter woolies! I am so ready for spring!

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