February 2, 2017

Guest Post: Getting to the USA in Comfort and Style*

The United States of America is huge, spanning 9.8 million square kilometres. Its states offer a whole variety of climates, ranging from the hot weather found in Florida and Hawaii, to the ice-cold temperatures of Alaska and North Dakota. It’s not surprising that it draws in all sorts of people looking for travel and adventure, both from overseas and within its own borders that provide a home to 323.1 million people. But when it comes to travelling America, most people don’t want to stay in one place. They want to take in as much as possible, and this means crossing state borders. So how can you do this in comfort and style? Well, the three options available to you are air, land, and sea. Let’s take a look at each in its own right!


Flying Fancy Free

When it comes to long-distance travel, flying tends to be most people’s means of transport of choice. There are various reasons for this. Perhaps the most crucial is the speed that planes can deliver you from one place to another. Air travel is by far the speediest of realistic commercial transport that is widely available. There’s also something thrilling that comes hand in hand with heading through security, handing over your documentation, boarding a plane and soaring above the clouds. Sure, there are some downfalls that come with travelling in economy. You may find that others invade your personal space or are a general nuisance to be in close proximity to for an extended period of time. But you could always upgrade to business class or first class, where you will receive more personalised and astute service, higher-quality in-flight meals and more leg room, arm room, and room in general. Believe it or not, airlines can also be quite flexible if you need to get from one place to another that isn’t in their general itinerary. Specialist charter flights, such as flights from Baton Rouge to Los Angeles, can be set up. These will get you from A to B in optimum time, while you spend the entire journey in the lap of luxury without having to worry about getting to major airports when you’d rather fly from or to a more remote location.



Taking to the Open Road

We’re all familiar with the Great American road trip. The tradition of traveling the USA by car is a long-lasting one and for good reason. The country is home to some of the most renowned routes in the world. Take Route 66 as an example! Otherwise known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America, or the Mother Road, this was one of the first highways to be established in the US highway system. It spans almost 4000km from Chicago to California. Every year, tens of thousands of people flock to drive down this long open road, taking in sites that will last them a lifetime on the way. However, this isn’t the only brilliant road trip that America has to offer! Other popular routes head towards major cities or National Parks. It’s not all too surprising, then, that road trips are often undertaken by lovers of the city and rural landscapes alike. Whether you’re looking for bustling inner cities or sprawling rural landscapes, there’s something along the way for you! If this sounds ideal to you, it’s time to start organising. Unlike many other forms of vacation, you are going to have to be relatively self-reliant on the road trip. You won’t have someone else taking control of the vehicle you’re using and you’ll decide your own timetables and routes. This flexibility is perfect and something that you should take full advantage of. However, with this freedom comes responsibility. We cannot emphasise the importance of getting a hold of a good, reliable hire vehicle for your trip so as to avoid breaking down en route. A good travel companion is also recommended for the company and to split up driving responsibilities.

Testing the Waters

Now, you can’t access every American state by the sea. Only thirty of the states have a coastline and only twenty three of these are ocean coastlines. But there’s still plenty to be taken in by the waters. Different cruise liners amble along different paths, so take a look to see what’s on offer. A highly recommended trip sails down the world-famous Mississippi river. The Mississippi is the fourth largest river in the world, spanning from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not all too surprising that there will be plenty for you to see along the way! Another cruise that has received rave reviews and has been notably popular since its launch is the Disney cruise liner: a themed cruise that allows you to revel in Disney magic and see North America all in one! Different liners take different routes, but all are notably family friendly and have non-stop entertainment, especially for the little ones. While you’re likely to see less of the actual cities and towns that you pass, cruise liners offer sheer luxury. They are a break for relaxation and recuperation, where you can take up the opportunity for a little exploration along the way should you feel the need to stretch your legs and check out new places.

As with anywhere, land, sea, and air are the options available to you when travelling the United States of America. But rather than seeing the means of transport available to you as a simple way of getting from A to B, consider the journey as much a part of your vacation and adventure as the destination itself. Not only do you want it to open your eyes to the world, but you want to kickstart your break from the moment that you step onto the plane, into the car, or onto the cruise liner that you’ve opted for. This means ticking all of the boxes of comfort and style that you should expect. So, choose wisely and treat yourself!

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