February 5, 2017

Guest Post: Combating Your Skincare Enemies*

The red lights are flashing, and the sirens are going off. You’re looking in the mirror and you can see it. That one skin care issue that you hate more than anything, popping up right before your big day. Whether it’s a date, an important day at work, a family gathering, or something else, when your skin lets you down, it can really stress you out. For that reason, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most common skin care emergencies and how you can stop them from happening in the future.

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The dreaded acne

Breaking out in blemishes is one of the most common of skin conditions and if you’ve suffered it before (or currently are) you probably think it’s one of the most unsightly. When it comes to fighting acne, you need to go with the words of the experts and look at the dermatologists’ top acne treatments. Treating clogged pores with glycolic acid and drying up pimples with sulfur can work as long-term treatments. If you absolutely need rid of that acne right now, then a shot of cortisone can help clear your face up for a day or two, guaranteed. It’s worth noting that acne can also be caused by a variety of lifestyle factors, including a lack of proper exercise or a bad diet. You have to take the comprehensive approach to stand any chance of beating it.

Clogged pores

Acne isn’t the only issue caused by clogged pores. Both whiteheads and blackheads are forms of acne, which some don’t realize. So, you should tackle clogged pores as a separate issue to treating ongoing acne. Essentially, it’s all about how well you take care of your face. Check out the top makeup removers and ensure they don’t have ingredients like alcohol, petroleum, silicones, or sulfates. A separate cleanser after your makeup remover will ensure that you’re not just replacing one clogging material with another.


Oily skin

If you have clogged pores regularly, you may also be used to greasy skin. Indeed, grease and dead skin are two of the most common components that end up clogging pores. But even if your skin isn’t breaking out, it can be embarrassing to face the world shining like a beacon. Beyond cleansing your face in the morning, the best way to stop your skin from becoming greasy again is to use nourishing foundations that help provide a more even tone. Check out the 7 best BB creams for oily skin and make them part of your morning ritual. Try to find the roots of what is making your skin oily, to begin with, too. Your skin could be producing excess oil because of a hormonal imbalance and your doctor might be able to help you adjust that.

Hot and blotchy

Some people are just born to be bronzed goddesses who take on the heat like it was nothing. But we can’t all be like that, unfortunately. A lot of people, especially those who are hot sleepers, have the misfortune of coming up all red and blotchy when their skin gets too hot. A little foundation can help you manage your tone better, but that’s more of a stopgap than a treatment. Rather, look for cooling beauty products like cucumber gel masks. You want to make sure that they don’t just cool you down, but they hydrate the skin so it’s less likely to dry out in the heat. A tinted moisturizer can work a treat by cooling you down, hydrating the skin, and applying a more even tone all at once.


Inflammation is a lot like having blotchy skin except your face might swell up, adding yet another crisis to your day. Inflammation is often associated with acne, but there are other kinds like rosacea, contact dermatitis caused by allergens, and burning and stinging. None of them are going to make you feel like your most presentable self. There are products to treat them all individually, but you can help fight inflammation by targeting the causes of sensitive skin to begin with. Hot water, for instance, tends to wash away the natural oils that protect the skin, so avoid it. Soaps are drying, too, which leads to that sensitivity, so use moisturizing cleansers.

Puffy eyes

More puffing up, but this time it’s mostly caused by a bad night’s sleep. The most obvious strategy to avoid the panda look is to get a better night’s sleep, but sometimes that’s a lot easier said than done. When you’re running on coffee alone, you can get rid of puffy eyes by propping your head up on a pillow while you do sleep. This means that fluid doesn’t settle in your eyes. Eye puffiness can be a sign of dehydration, so getting enough water and avoiding dehydrating factors like alcohol and caffeine can be a big help. It might be painful to put down that cappuccino if you haven’t had a great night’s sleep, but it might be necessary if you want to look more refreshed than you feel. Again, getting a good night’s sleep is much more highly recommended than simply pretending you did. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try to give yourself a proper nighttime routine that involves shutting off all electronics fifteen minutes before bed and practicing meditation or deep breathing right before you go to sleep. The puffy eyes will be gone, that’s for certain.


Varicose veins

Once thought of as solely the domain of older women, varicose veins are becoming a lot more common in the young, as well. In part, it’s due to rising rates of obesity, but it may also be caused by the sedentary lifestyles caused by office work. Blood doesn’t flow as it should, and this can present in varicose veins, spider veins, and swelling in your legs. One of the best ways to make sure your blood keeps pumping at it should (and thus avoid varicose veins) is to use compression socks and stockings. Otherwise, however, it’s worth talking to the doctor about any potential blood pressure issues you might have. Other risk factors for varicose veins like obesity and a lack of exercise should be tackled just as much as the visibly presenting symptoms. As with most skin conditions, there’s usually an underlying issue and by tackling it, you solve the problem as well as something that could impact your health more severely down the line.


Not all blemishes are quite as easy to get rid of as grease, puffiness or varicose veins. Not all scars are going to be as easy to hide, so it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. However, for smaller scars, there’s a lot you can do to cover them up or even alter them permanently, so they are nowhere near as prominent. Fraxel laser treatment is a particularly sophisticated form of laser surgery, less prone to causing damage than facial-resurfacing. Instead, it pinpoints the scar tissue and causes miniscule damage. What this does is cause the skin to heal anew. If you have a smaller yet still prominent scar, it could help you get rid of it once and for all. However, it’s worth considering whether you really want to go to surgery over it.

Your skin is a pretty complicated part of the body, so what works for one may not work for another. However, the tips above are a great place to start off, so give them a try and if they don’t work, it might be worth talking to your doctor about it.

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