March 11, 2017

Musings: Look Rich for Less…

Are you always flicking through magazines, strolling through Bond Street and wondering how many Starbucks coffees you’d have to give up to afford those designer pieces? Instead of living off Cup A Soup for the forseeable future, here a few tips and tricks for you to look good… for less.


Know your body type and look for pieces that fit your body well. Shirts, trousers, co-ords all have that luxe appeal but the key is in the fit and tailoring. Zara is great place place for men and women for key pieces to see you from work to the dance-floor. If something is too long or too big, think about getting it tailored; a few YouTube tutorial videos could mean Saville Row could have some competition. You’ll be FIT in no time.

Invest in quality over quantity. Cheaper materials may ‘look’ okay in photos but in practicality they are more likely to tear, not wash properly and you’ll probably throw them away after a couple of months. Instead invest in linens, cottons, faux suedes and leathers.
Shoes, bags, jewellery, make up can elevate a look. You could be wearing the most basic outfit but a swipe of Ruby Woo and a chic scarf can really pull the outfit and make you ‘pop’. The next time you’re browsing through the bargain bin in your favourite high street store, stop and wonder if you’re actually buying the item for the price or if you actually need it.
It’s all in the mystery… the bigger the better. Go Jackie O with some flamboyant styles like these:


The key to looking ‘RICH’ is simplicity and investing in quality pieces rather than fast food fashion. Sure, we all may be tempted by those £2 T-shirts in Primark but let’s be real they come at a cost… and they don’t last long.

Find your style, remember less is more and always make sure your clothing is ironed and well pressed. If all else fails, who cares, be you and don’t despair.

Please note:

  • This post will also appear on Plus Minus Magazine; do check them out as I write for them too.

Char xo

8 responses to “Musings: Look Rich for Less…”

  1. Mariah says:

    Can I have tips on how to make me rich too?

  2. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with this post . Definitely, less is more.

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