March 28, 2017

Guest Post: Keeping Your Cool When Travelling Constantly*

Many people have a certain idea of what travelling will be like for them, but when you’re actually doing something, it can’t possibly live up to your dreams every minute of the day. There will be times when you feel down and maybe even want to just head back to the comfort of home. But there are steps you can take to keep yourself sane and balanced when you’re travelling, so read on to learn more about those steps and how you can put them to good use on your travels.

Make Plans Before You Start

You need to have strong plans in place before you leave on your travels because this allows you to know what you’re going to do on each day ahead of you. Making things up as you go along might seem exciting to start with, but it soon leads to stress and chaos for you, which is not what you want. So it’s definitely a good idea to set your plans in stone before you head out.


Find Time for Yourself

In between all of the things you want to do and see, you also need to find time for yourself. That’s the only way you’ll be able to look after your mental health and stay balanced at all times. You might want to take up something like meditation or yoga. Read more about yoga as a daily practice, and you’ll soon get into positive routines. That’s really important for your own wellbeing.

Don’t Feel the Need to Rush

There is definitely no need to rush when you’re trying to travel a lot. It’s much more sensible to take your time and absorb what’s around you and what you’re doing. If you rush through things too much, you will only end up regretting it later because you won’t get the full experience. It’s something that you should try to keep in mind each day.

Meet People and Relax

Meeting new people is a great way to stay sane and in touch with what’s important when you’re travelling alone. You shouldn’t spend all of your time by yourself because we all need a bit of human interaction, even when we’re trying to travel solo. Find places in the local area where you think like-minded are likely to congregate, and then relax with them!


Call Home When You Need To: It’s Not a Sign of Weakness

If you’re travelling by yourself, it might be the first time you’re doing so. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t call home to talk to family and friends. It’s not a sign of weakness or an undermining of your independence. If you feel like you’d benefit from talking to the people close to you, go for it.

Travelling can easily grind you down and start to feel like a chore, but that’s never what it should be. It should be about having fun, doing new things and having new experiences each and every day. That doesn’t mean you have to take things at 100 miles per hour though.


Char xo

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