April 7, 2017

Guest Post: Top Tips for Moving Abroad*

If you want to travel and experience a whole different part of the world, then many people may consider moving abroad. Whether you plan to do it permanently or just for a few years, it can be such a fun experience. You get to see, explore, and learn about a whole new country and way of life, as well as meet new people and get a new job. But as you can imagine, it isn’t going to be a quick and simple decision; there are lots of different things to be thinking about. So here are some tips if you’re thinking of living life abroad.


Do Your Research


Having somewhere in mind is a good idea first, as then you can do some research and decide where the best place to move to is. But from things like if there is a minimum wage to how much a pint of beer is are all things to look into. How much will your lifestyle cost you over there? And will you have a way to cover it? How does health insurance work or do you pay as you go? Take your time and speak to other expats about it if you can.


Don’t Stress About Where You Live


If you’ve chosen your destination and are getting things like visas sorted, then the chances are that you will need to start looking for somewhere to live. But a good idea is to just rent a room or something like Airbnb until you know the area better and know where you want to settle. If you sign a two year lease in a part of the city that you know nothing about, but then get there and hate it, that is a long time to be hating where you live. So just get somewhere temporary, and then move once you know the area better. You could look into storage facilities from Bekins Moving Solutions, as an example, so you don’t have to keep all of your things with you, until you know where your chosen home will be. The important thing is getting your paperwork in place and moving over as soon as you can. Worry about where to live later.

Get a Bank Account


While it is a good idea to hang on to at least one of your bank accounts from the country you’ve moved from, it is a good idea to open a bank account as soon as you move to the new country. You’ll need ID and certain documents, but it will stop you getting stung on exchange rates by using a foreign bank card abroad, as well as allow you to get paid easily in the new country.


Check Legal Requirements


There are very few countries that you can just move into, no questions asked. Even now in the European Union, that is getting pretty tricky. So you need to check that you need to do to be able to move and work legally in a different country. Knowing this can help with a timescale of how long the process can take too. For instance, getting a residency visa for the US is going to much more lengthy than one for Indonesia, for example.

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