April 19, 2017

Musings: Canadian Summers*

When you think of a summer vacation, you’re more likely to think of Florida or a Caribbean island, but millions of people flock to Canada each year between the months of June and August.

Canada is the world’s second biggest country and home to the longest coastline on the planet, which means that it is home to some of the most stunning sea views you are ever likely to see. It is also a great place to relax and explore when you have some time off in the summer, which is why there is always a spike in people visiting etias.com to secure entry into the country at this time of year. Not convinced, check out these fun things you can do in Canada this summer:


A Cross-Country Train Ride

Want to explore every inch of the world’s second largest country? The closest you’re likely to get on a summer trip is on a train journey from Vancouver to Toronto. You’ll see rugged coastlines, magnificent wildlife, the impressive Rocky Mountains and a whole host of other impressive Canadian sights along the way.

A Long-Distance Trek

Of course, it getting out and about is more your thing, and you have plenty of time to spare, there is no better way to spend a few days than hiking the country’s West Coast Trail from British Columbia to Newfoundland. You’ll conquer mountains, frolic in waterfalls and even spot a grizzly bear or two as you push yourself to the limits over 4 -8 days of trail walking.


Try Wild Camping


Everyone should try out wild camping at least once in their lives. It is a great way to get away from it all and get in touch with nature. Canada is undoubtedly one of the best places to go wild camping thanks to its abundance of woods, forests and unspoilt areas of wilderness. One of the best places to set up camp in Canada has to be the Great Bear Rainforest.


Get Rowdy at a Rodeo


The Calgary Stampede takes place in the Alberta region every summer, and it is a big draw. You’ll get to see professional rodeo displays, mingle with authentic Calgary cowboys and sample some of the best poutine you’ve had in your life. It’s a great place to let your hair down, relax and mingle with the great Canadian population.


Chill Out at a Traditional Music Festival

As you can see at musicfestivalwizard.com, Canada is home to some of the most interesting music festivals in the world, many of which take place in the summer. Whether you’re into traditional jazz, folk music or rock n’ roll, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a Canadian festival that fits the bill. Highlights include the Toronto Summer Music Festival and Heavy Montreal.


Wild Water Sports

Canada, is, of course, known for its abundance of water sports, so if you want to learn how to water-ski, or you fancy kayaking in beautiful surroundings, there can be few better places to do so than Canada in the summer.

As you can see, there’s so much to do in Canada that you could easily spend all summer there and never get bored. Are you planning a summer trip to Canada? What will you do there?

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Please note, this is a collaborative post.


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