May 17, 2017

Guest Post: Fun Things I Want to do in HK*

Update: I’ll be visiting HK in November 2018.

Hong Kong is an enticing place; crammed with eclectic people and a vibrant cultural scene, you’ll never get bored when visiting, and will have to keep returning to do and see everything on offer. There are some famously fun sights to see, and activities to do; so here are some ideas to pop on your itinerary before you leave for the airport.

The Big Buddha

Sat peacefully on Hong Kong’s island of Lantau, you’ll discover the biggest seated bronze Buddha in the world. Whether you go up the steps or the ramp, it’s a long way to the top; but totally worth the exercise once you’re up there. Aside from the many Instagram-able photo opportunities, the Buddha is a breathtaking statue to behold, and it’ll be a memory you’ll carry for a lifetime. The view of the valleys below are incredible, and you may well come away feeling tranquil and at peace. However, be prepared to pay to enter the temple and to see any additional relics; apparently, tranquility has a cost!

Hello Kitty Cuisine

If you have no idea who Hello Kitty is (where have you been), you might have been alarmed by this title; but don’t worry, it’s just a tasty take on a cult favourite. Nestled in a street in Yau Ma Tai, the dim sum restaurant ensures it’s patrons receive a Hello Kitty fix to last a lifetime. Not only do the chopsticks, tableware, interior decorations, and even the bathroom scream Hello Kitty at you, you can actually eat the little cartoon cat, in the form of dumplings and strategically shaped rice, as well. Check out BuzzFeed’s experience of the cafe here.

Ocean Park

Perfect for kitsch theme park lovers; Ocean Park is full of everything you’d want and expect from a marine-themed, fun day out. Once you’ve found a hotel near Hong Kong Ocean Park; set off early in the morning, so you can get a full day there, and won’t miss out on any of the attractions. When you’re there, you can’t fail to notice the incredible mountain views, especially when you travel in one of the pod-shaped cable cars; the view is reason enough to visit alone. However, if you’re more of a thrill seeker, there’s plenty of adrenaline-inducing rides to fulfil your quota, not to mention all the classic souvenirs and sweets on offer, so that you can take a momento home.


Wong Tai Sin Temple

Whatever your wish or desire is; you can visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple, and it will (apparently) be answered using an ancient technique of fortune telling. It’s worth taking the time to visit the temple and learn the magical story of Wong Tai Sin, who became immortal, after 40 years in seclusion. The historical, and beautiful architecture within the many halls, alters and halls, are a breathtaking experience that all your senses will appreciate. Who knows, you might even get a wish granted, and leave a little more enlightened than when you walked in. Check out some more thoughts and experiences of the temple here.

There isn’t a list large enough to squeeze everything that Hong Kong has to offer, especially if you’re a first time visitor. Hopefully, the above attractions might spark your interest, or inspire you to look further into the HK scene, and discover some new things to try for yourself.

Char xo

Please note, this is a guest post. 

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