May 20, 2017

Guest Post: Lads On Tour*


The ‘Lad’s holiday’ is a term that has unfortunately risen to prominence, and celebrates college-aged or younger youths attending a resort in a beautiful country like Spain or Greece for a week of sordid drinking, sunny beach activity, and attending some of the best DJ’s the world has to offer. Ah, the folly of youth.

The ‘lad’s holiday’ is a popular pastime of coming of age males/females that want to blow off some steam before the weight of responsibilities come flooding in, that time of life we try and keep at arm’s length named ‘adulthood.’ Unfortunately, these types of holidays have garnered somewhat of a negative reputation for irresponsible activity, and despite the blossoming tourist trade to these areas, some of the locals get deeply irritated with it and try to litigate against it.

Fortunately, there are ways around this sorry state of affairs. There are ways that you and your young ‘squad’ can happily attend a foreign sunny locale, enjoy the rhythmic poundings of the best house and tech-house DJs, while also being a responsible and fair ambassador of the country you hail from. You also need to best know how to book and plan a holiday, to prevent some poor holiday representative wallowing in confusion when you’re trying to get answers for your poorly planned operation.

Here’s how.

Book A Resort, And Respect It

For the youngster going abroad to celebrate their maturation with non-stop partying, there are resorts and hotels well equipped to handle this. Or in other words, they’re used to it. Make sure that you identify the correct place that’s right for your requirements and you can be certain you’re not going to bother any families trying to enjoy a peaceful getaway with your rowdiness. This doesn’t give you the permission to be disrespectful to the space, though. Act as if you would want someone to act if they were visiting your hometown. A little respect goes a long way here.

Purchase Travel Insurance

For the best peace of mind, it’s important to be insured for your travels. Choose a competitive package and you’ll be covered in a variety of ways, from lost luggage to airline tickets retrieval. You might even be insured for lost funds provided you can prove that you have responsibly handled it along the way. No matter if you’re heading to a cultural destination or a party destination, you need travel insurance.

See The Local Area

The best part about going on holiday is the surroundings you arrive in. Check them out. It might be tempting to spend the entire holiday attending clubs and pool parties, but you could do that in your hometown. Check out what makes this area interesting, and see some landmarks. You’ll have justified the entire trip if you do. Hey, at least you’ll have a great shot for Instagram.

Purchase Cash Belts Or Money Safes

The sad reality is that multiple tourists getting drunk tends to lead to multiple tourists getting robbed or pickpocketed. Prepare for this by purchasing a cash belt to safely store your money in, or a safe you can hide in a special box of the hotel room. This will prevent this sad event targeting you in particular.

Have A Contingency Plan

If things do go wrong, having a plan in place should be a priority. Where is the embassy for your chosen country in this area? How do you contact the holiday reps if you need to return home early? Can you change your flights? Preparing a checklist and answering all the questions you can think of in regards to events that might hinder your holiday will be instructive in the long run.

Through the filter of genuine caring and responsibility, be sure to have fun. It’s up to you to turn the reputation for these party holidays for the better. Don’t add to the problem, but also be sure to have fun. You’ll have plenty of stories if you do.

Char xo

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