May 22, 2017

Guest Post: A Mighty Fine Skyline*

The world is full of incredible destinations and beautiful vistas. However, some of the most breathtaking scenes reside in busy cities, well, actually, just outside the city; where you can get a great view of its skyline. It can be magical to stand outside a city and be able to spot its most famous buildings and landmarks as they tower into the sky; the following are some of the world’s best skylines, and some advice on where to view them from.


New York

Well, we may as well start with the obvious. Before you’ve even looked at a photograph, the infamous outline of New York has probably popped into your head already. The art deco architecture of the Chrysler Building and the King-Kong-famous Empire State are statuesque and make you feel nostalgic, even if you’ve never been to NYC before, and have no American heritage (let’s blame movies and T.V). Once you’ve left your swanky hotel in Manhattan, or your hipster apartment on the lower east side; head to Governor’s Island for an incredible view of the city, including Lady Liberty herself. If you really want to treat yourself, you can book a helicopter to fly around the Statue Of Liberty, ensuring you’ll get some unparalleled views of the city in all it’s glory.





The Bund in Shanghai is a tranquil waterfront area of the city and is the perfect location to get some unforgettable memories (and photos) of the impressive skyline. You can clearly spot the World Financial Center and the Oriental Pearl T.V Tower, which make the Shanghai skyline so distinct. Once you’ve headed out of your hotel in Shanghai and have had a decent breakfast (head to Henkes for a mind-blowing omelet), head down to The Bund by one of the varying means of transport available. The quickest route there if you’re nearby is obviously to walk, but if you’re a little further out; every taxi driver will know exactly where to take you, or you can hop on the metro. For an even more picturesque experience, you can head there via a river cruise, from one side of the river to the other; ensuring you’ll have fulfilled your photography opportunities quota for the day. People often recommend visiting The Bund at night, as the Shanghai city skyline takes on a new lease of life.




To see the full extent and beauty of the Sydney skyline, you’ll probably have to be on either a boat or (the world famous) bridge, in arguably the most beautiful harbor in the world. Not a bad thing to do with your Saturday afternoon. There are endless ferries, that head out from the main harbor dock, or that are heading towards the city center from the surrounding suburbs, like Watson’s Bay (go here for some incredible fish and chips), or Manly (great surf). Boat is definitely one of your best options to get that all important photo of the skyline, plus it’s a great way to travel to some of the less tourist-heavy areas of Sydney. Take a walk in the Botanical Gardens, and you’ll get the best view of the Sydney Opera House, alongside being surrounded by some of Australia’s most beautiful plants and birds. For some quirky things to do when you’re in Sydney, checkout Weekend Note’s list here.


Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.

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