June 3, 2017

Guest Post: Hotel, Hostel or Home?*

From the moment we started travelling, we’ve tried to find the cheapest accommodation possible so we’d have more money in our budgets to actually explore our destination. In our younger years, our limited funds meant we couldn’t afford to stay in three or four star hotels like we did when we travelled with our parents. Instead, we were forced to get creative, and compromise a little on the quality of the accommodation. It meant that we stayed in ratty hostels tucked away in side streets and ate bland breakfasts, but we figured that since we were only going to use it for sleeping we didn’t really need anything else.

But now we’re older; our budgets are bigger, and we’ve gotten really good at hunting down bargains. Much like our drinking habits, our taste in accommodation has matured, and now we can afford to stay in nice-ish hotels within easy distance of city landmarks. Here’s a look back at our holiday accommodation, and some goals to aim for during our next holiday.

Hostels or sofas

Although they were the cheapest option available, hostels could be a bit hit and miss; on one hand, you could get a cheap bed in a dorm room with horrible guests, uninhabitable bathrooms, and awful hostel food. On the other hand, you could share a cool room with awesome people, make lots of new friends, and end up with a sofa to sleep on if you decided to travel to your new friend’s home country. Depending on your luck, staying in  hostel could be the worst or best part of your holiday.


It might have been founded in 2008, but most people didn’t become aware of Airbnb before 2012, especially on an international scale. Now, it’s a convenient way to get nice, private accommodation in the heart of a city for slightly less than a hotel. It’s ideal if you’re travelling alone or with a partner, and you don’t want to try your luck with the unknown guests sharing a hotel floor with you.


Villas and holiday homes

You might not be at this stage yet, or you might have recently reached it with the help of group holidays. Holiday Homes & Villas are the ultimate dream for frequent travellers; private pools, close proximity to the city, privacy, and luxury are all almost synonymous with a villa holiday. Just make sure each guest has enough privacy during your stay, because it would be nice if you could get through your holiday with all your friendships intact.


Five star resort

Having enough money to stay in a five star resort is the ultimate goal for holidaymakers. While it will make it difficult to leave your accommodation and actually explore the city you’re visiting, there is something widely appealing about being waited on hand and foot that makes everyone strive to achieve this travelling goal. Who wouldn’t want to spend two weeks with a waiter bringing them cocktails poolside and enjoying decadent food in the hotel restaurant.


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Please note, this is a collaborative post. 

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