June 14, 2017

Memoirs: Burlesquoni at Bunga Bunga – Event Roundup

A burlesque show along with your dinner is not your typical night out in London, but when one is in theatreland, sometimes you gotta bring the show to your dinner table. Let’s face it, the shows are expensive and those cheap tickets can be a false economy when you have a pillar in your face or can just about make out the Lion King from behind your varifocals.


That leads me on to trying Burlesquoni at Bunga Bunga in Covent Garden. My good friend, Leah, texted me a couple weeks before (who doesn’t love notice?) to arrange dinner at this unique eatery accompanied by live burlesque performances. Not wanting to ruin it for myself, I stayed away from social media before the night, as I have a tendency to ruin things for myself. All I know was that I was expecting a metre long pizza and lots of tassels…

Fast forward last Wednesday night, we grabbed a drink before heading in through the infamous meat locker… Don’t fret, it isn’t full of real meat carcasses if you’re wondering!


The Inside
The decor makes you feel as though you are in Venice, without the stiffness of a RyanAir flight. You can even dine in a boat. Not only that, the staff are iattentive, friendly and fun! So many times I’ve been to establishments where the staff don’t care, but that doesn’t exist at this venue. They are ready to serve, party and get you in the mood for a night of BUNGA BUNGA…


The Food
If you’re gluten intolerant, the staff will advise as to what you can eat or make you something just as tasty. We had one in our group and she ended up having her own pizza. However, if you’re not, be prepared to tuck into a metre long pizza which tasted just as good as it sounds. I’ve been to Italy twice (Milan and Rome), and this pizza was just as good, if not better. It was fresh, tasty and if you closed your eyes hard enough you’d be in the boot-shaped country yourself.

The Show
I won’t tell you what the show is like, I’ll give you a little glimpse instead…

Without wanting to ruin it too much for you, let’s just say I’ve watched these videos over and over again for the past week *books pole burlesque class*.


I will always have an appreciation for good food, good wine and the use of tassels (and whips) on a Wednesday night.

If you’re looking to change up your mid-week slump, check out Burlesquoni at Bunga Bunga. You can book your table here and with three courses starting at £28, this is the place to be…

Char xo


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