July 1, 2017

Guest Post: ROADTRIP*

There is nothing like getting into your car, driving for a few hours, and actually getting your passport stamped for your trouble. Europe is only about as big as Texas, so you could easily start driving in the morning and have visited at least three different countries by the end of the day. But even without the thrill of collecting passport stamps, European road trips offer amazing sights, contrasting cultures, and a wide range of local cuisine. Since you’re taking this journey by road, you can invite a few friends to make it a group adventure, or set your own pace by traveling solo. Here are just a few routes to help you satisfy your wanderlust.

England to France

Whether or not the UK leaves the EU, it will always be connected to the rest of Europe. If you’ve started off your road trip on this island, there are many ways to cross the English Channel without leaving your car behind. You can plan your day by going on distcalculator.com to calculate the distance between your English starting point and your destination in France; whether you want to go from London to Paris, or Normandy to Dunkirk, you can estimate how long it will take you to drive, and plan appropriate pit stops along the way. Usually, the best way to cross the Channel with your car is by taking a ferry, or the Chunnel from Dover to Calais. From there, just let your satnav, or your internal sense of direction guide you.

From Paris to Berlin

You don’t to chose between two of Europe’s most popular cities. Start your journey in the beautiful city of Paris, enjoying the joie de vivre and taking in the sights. When you’ve eventually had your fill of this romantic city, drive through the gentle hills of Champagne and Reims to the quaint capital of Luxembourg City. From here, you can either explore the fairytale castles in Luxembourg, or drive on to Cologne in Germany, and make several stops at the medieval village of Bacharach in Riesling wine country, Nuremberg, and Dresden, before finally reaching Berlin. The journey itself only takes about 10 hours, but with the detours it would definitely count as a weekend adventure.

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Of course, you don’t have to cross country borders to see something truly spectacular. The longest coastal route in the world runs 2500 km up the west coast of Ireland, with spectacular views of enormous sea cliffs and incredible beaches as your scenic backdrop. Even if you’re driving a really fast car, it can take between two and four weeks to complete this trip, so make sure you plan a few stops to some Irish pubs along the way. Besides, it would be a shame to see all those amazing beaches and not stop to take a dip. There’s so many offbeat things to do on Wild Atlantic Way that will let you stretch your legs, so it may take you even longer to finish.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Looks awesome. Road trips in the US can take like 7hrs just to reach one state over lol this looks like a lot of fun and I love a good roadtrip playlist

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