July 12, 2017

Musings: Manmade and Natural in Cape Town*

Picking a dream location for a vacation gets harder the more experienced a traveler you are. For some people, they’re running out of bucket list items. For others, they have far too many to choose. Well, if we can be so bold as to impose an idea, then Cape Town has to be one that doesn’t get recommended nearly enough. There are very few places in the world that offer the mix of the natural and the made-made, the wild and the comfortable, the gorgeous and the decadent, quite as well.

Culture worth diving into

Let’s start with the man-made. The more exciting the human element of a location is to explore, the more memorable that location becomes for many people. There are plenty of memories to be made with the culture of Cape Town, too. The central city has fantastic food, for a start, with world-class chefs at La Colombe mixing global cuisine with very local ingredients such as springbok, king crab, and swordfish. For the party-goers, Long Street is the place to be, with high-end bars to fit every taste, whether it’s the pared down, indie feel of places like Julep or the stylish and lively Tjing Tjing.

You get everything right at your doorstep

When you’re done with a busy, loud, and fun night out, you want a retreat that brings things back down and lets you really chill out. The horizon of Cape Town is where the worlds collide and is by far one of the most beautiful things about waking up there. That’s especially true if you’re waking up in places like Atlantic Dream Villa Accommodation with the coast right in front of you. From there, it’s just a short trip until you’re swimming with an incredibly diverse population of sharks. There are plenty of services willing to take you to different spots, depending on what species of shark you want to see. But on the other side of you from the sea, there’s an entirely different natural monument that can’t be ignored. 

Feeling on top of the world

No matter what angle you look at Cape Town from, you can’t ignore the indomitable Table Mountain looming down over it. It’s a character in the city as much as any other location or person you’re likely to meet there. So, it’s only natural that the vast majority of visitors take the trip up. There are plenty of different trails and climbs for individuals of different skill and experience levels. But for those who want to skip the climb and get the view, that’s perfectly achievable, too. The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway gives you a whole new perspective to enjoy the town, the coast, and the mountain from. Waiting times are around an hour if you get a ticket in advance, you can skip much of the queuing.

It’s a very short list of places that can compete with Cape Town as far as getting that mix of the human world and the world outside. Singapore and Bagan might compete, but that puts Cape Town in some world-class leagues of competition. Well worth the visit.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.

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