July 27, 2017

Musings: Fairytale Finland*

Sorry, Finland, but a lot of people forget that you exist. This is a crime, and it should be punished! It’s not fair that people overlook you for your sisters in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. It’s not fair that people forgo your beauty to seek out sunnier climates. It’s not fair that you are not a holiday destination on the main stage.  But you will be. We all know it. Like the cities that I love, it’s Finland that has so much to do and see. It’s very much untouched my mankind, and like you – upon waking up in the morning, it is beautiful in it’s own skin – whatever it may think or feel. Finland is a place you must seek out. Finland is a land of extremes – it’s cold, but there are colder places on this earth. However, you can see the northern lights, and in the far north of this country, you’ll see the Midnight Sun – which hangs in the sky all day, through 24 hours. In the winter, you’ll spot the Arctic Night – known as Kaamos, where the sun never stays for long, at all.


Finland is a land of rolling landscapes, forests and lakes. It’s known as the land of a thousand lakes, but that’s a lie. It’s got almost two-hundred thousand beautiful lakes within its borders. If you love the natural world, you could do a lot worse than a visit to Finland.

The ‘Daughter of the Baltic’ – Helsinki is the only Urban centre in Finland, so it’s where you will be based. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is served by many foreign airlines, so getting in is easy. There are also ferries from mainland Europe and trains. The breathtaking Suomenlinna Sea Fortress – ‘the Gibraltar of the North’ is a short trip from Helsinki as well, making the capital of Finland the perfect base. As for eating, Café & Eepos exemplifies kitsch Nordic affair with pastries alongside books, while the A21 Cocktail Lounge brings cosmopolitan delights to this part of the world. Hotel Kämp is a true five-star experience, cementing your fairy-tale time in Finland.


Capping off Finland is Lapland. Lapland is famous because of Christmas, but there is so much more to do in the winter than sing with Santa. Check out this list of what to do in Lapland in winter for some ideas. Lapland is a gorgeous place, much like Finland itself and that’s shown by the famous Northern Lights.

You may be surprised at the amount of things to do in Finland, and you’ll find that you’ll leave having wanted to do more. Here’s a tip – spend your first time in the city of Helsinki and the surrounding area, and come back to explore the country – with a rented car. Be careful about visiting in the depths of winter though, as the cold can drop through the floor. Be smart and dress sensibly.


Finland, it’s a fairytale and you won’t want to miss out on this slice of Scandinavian beauty that is often overlooked by the world at large. It will take your breath away.

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.

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