August 1, 2017

Musings: Outdoor Adventures*

Holidays are brilliant for letting your hair down and trying something new. While the city break is ideal for fine dining and plenty of shopping, a country retreat in the great outdoors could be just the thing to clear out the cobwebs and destress.

There are so many things to do on holiday that just picking one activity can be difficult. Guided tour groups are a brilliant way to get to know new people and try out a new type of holiday.

Here are a few things you might like to try:


A pony trekking holiday is a lovely way to get to see the countryside and meet new people as well. If you are already a confident horse rider, this kind of holiday will give you a great opportunity to see new vistas but even as a novice, you can take your time and learn to ride at your own pace. You could even try it out in the UK first.

America is a great place to find all sorts of camping and trekking trips and you will quickly find a group to suit your needs. The community spirit on this kind of trip is quite addictive so you may find that once you have been on one, it isn’t long before you are booking your next trip!

Mountain Trekking

You will need to have a good stamina for this kind of holiday and you are well advised to train up before you embark on a mountain trekking holiday. However, like the pony trekking, you will have the support of your group and will quickly form bonds with new people.

South America is fantastic for this sort of holiday but there are plenty of guided tours around the world. The Inca Trail is probably the best known trekking holiday but the Himalayas in Nepal and the Rockies in Canada are also spectacular.

SCUBA Diving

There are so many places in the world with such beautiful scenery but the underwater world is truly a sight to behold. The Caribbean, Dubai and Australia are all well known for their coral reefs and the best thing is that you don’t even need to diver particularly deeply for the most colourful fish. This is great for novice divers who aren’t very confident or more experienced divers who want to get multiple dives in a day.

Of course, these locations are also brilliant for snorkelling and other watersports like surfing and wind sailing. And if the water really is your thing, why not try something like a flotilla sailing holiday? Like the horse riding and mountain trekking holidays you will be travelling with a group but this time you will have your own yacht and can go at your own pace.

Holidays are a great opportunity to try new things and it is so exciting to think what you could achieve in just 2 weeks. Going outdoors is such a good way to recharge your batteries and see great views that you just wouldn’t get at home.

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