August 16, 2017

Musings: Drinking Habits Abroad*

Please note, this is a sponsored guest post.

It’s no secret that drinking culture differs in each and every country – and some take their drinking habits more seriously than others. Here are just four of the destinations to consider heading to if you’re wanting to witness it for yourself…



Head to Cuba to get your hands on a traditional mojito. Nowhere does it better – the Cuban mojito is rich and fun, and although they could potentially average out at over 200 calories each, you won’t be worrying about that.

Instead, you’ll be whisked up in the energy and bustle of Havana’s many bars, living it up with the locals who are both welcoming and lively. Mojitos are unavoidable, and you’ll be silly not to choose it as your go-to when in Cuba.



Travelling in Japan, you’ll be sure to be served a glass of sake. Whether it be hot or cold, the traditional rice wine is hugely popular with locals. Co-workers are renowned for ordering in a round once they arrive at a bar at the end of their day.

You’ll find some of the best sake in Tokyo – fittingly, being the country’s capital. An added bonus? Tokyo’s bars are some of the best in the world. Take Suju Dining Rokkaku, with its panoramic views of the city’s luscious greenery surrounding you as you sip some of the best sake in the area.



The drinking culture in Belgium is considerably laidback when compared to its European peers. Head to Brussels to witness a lazier and less frenetic atmosphere within the bars, locals sipping beer slowly either alone or in small groups.

In some locations around the world, it may seem striking to pair a bar with somewhere quiet to relax, but Brussels will prove that it’s possible. If you’re a beer fan, this is the place to go – grab a book or a partner and wind down for the day with a rich ale or lager.



On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ireland is renowned for its rowdy drinking culture – a quiet pint of Guinness is rarely possible. Instead, embrace the country’s energy by heading to one of its cities and getting swept up in the constantly fun atmosphere.

Dublin is a perfect choice for a prime example of what Ireland has to offer. Revellers spill into the streets of a night time, yet it never feels overwhelming or uncomfortable. Instead, the feel of community and togetherness – even in such a big city – is unwavering, and you’ll have no trouble interacting with locals with a glass of stout or beer to the soundtrack of live music. Had enough of Guinness? Try one of Ireland’s other great tipples.

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Please note, this is a sponsored guest post. 

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