October 23, 2017

Memoirs: An Evening with Centros Unico in Ealing

*August 2018 update* Centros Unico has since gone into liquidation…

Last week I was invited to the re-launch of the Centros Unico salon in Ealing, West London. Ironically, as a born and bred Londoner, I had never been to Ealing, so when I got off the Central line, it took the use of CityMapper to find my bearings. After a short walk through a leafy park, I soon found the Centros Unico salon and was greeted with a glass of Prosecco. Not bad for a Thursday evening if I do say. 

Centro Unico launched their newest clinic opening in Ealing Broadway with guest bloggers invited to learn about the brand and products they offer in store. 

I’d never heard of the chain before but I soon learnt that they are the leading supplier of aesthetic medicine and beauty treatments. I hadd actually been thinking about getting laser hair removal for a while as I absolutely hate body hair BUT it’s not something you decide overnight and just walk into a salon. Not only that, I’m a woman of colour with dark hair, so  this has to be taken into consideration too.

Centros Unico believe in putting you at the heart of every treatment. We’re all different and one size doesn’t fit all, we all have different needs, wants and things we’re looking for when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

Whilst I was at the event, I got the chance to have a patch test for the laser and it honestly was a blissful, painless experience. I expected it to be like elastic bands hitting my skin but perhaps I’d got it confused about what I’d heard about tattoo removal? Perhaps. Not only that, it’s not as crazy expensive as I thought it would be, with areas starting at £30 (e.g lip, chin or underarms) if you book by 31st October. A block of 6 sessions must be booked though. The hair doesn’t disappear overnight, but once you’ve completed them you should be hair free in that area (depending on your hairiness to begin with).

Anyway, I couldn’t believe how quick the patch test process was (I had it tested on my upper arm) and the therapist explained every step with meticulous detail. I think what puts me off some places is that they’re quick to take your money but not actually listen to you. I can’t count how many salons I’ve walked out of in my life because I’ve received bad customer service. When it comes to beauty (which is unique to us all), it’s best finding somewhere like Centros Unico that actually listens to you and the results you want to achieve.

I also had the skin mapping test (I think that’s what it was called) and my skin wasn’t too bad. It’s just dehydrated (thanks London water) and I need to exfoliate (whoops).

It was a really insightful evening and it personally broke down the barriers of what it means to have an aesethic treatment done. I’m all for doing something if it you truly believe it’ll make you happy, I mean I know the moment I hit 30 I will be having every treatment under the sun. So do whatever you feel is right for you, but just make sure to do your research.

For more information about the treatments on offer and to book an appointment at Centros Unico Ealing, please visit their website here or call 0203 318 3089.

Not only that, Centros Unico pride itself on its treatments being available for male and females. 

Char xo

Images courtesy of Centros Unico – which has now gone into liquidation…

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  1. I actually want to get laser hair removal for the main reason that I love tattoos and I kind of worry that constantly shaving and disrupting the skin could effect how they age x

  2. SM says:

    Shame that they have now gone into liquidation and hundreds of clients have lost their money

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