October 30, 2017

Musings: Getting to Know the Powder Room Secrets

Everyone wants to know what goes on in the powder room right? Well you guessed it…

Powder Room Secrets is the place where you’ll find all the very best celebrity, stylist and make up artist tips.

From the kindest hair brushes and accessories, that are gentle to your hair, while also giving amazing volume and texture, to mineral make up that will give a natural sun kissed glow – whatever your skin colour. 


I was kindly sent some bits to try from the lovely Debs at the Powder Room Secrets and this is how I got on…

Beauty Glow Compact

When I first opened this, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, a highlighter? A bronzer, a blush? A huge eyeshadow? Turns out, it’s all of those and more. Not only that, it looked AMAZING on my skin tone. I’m always apprehensive about ‘one size fits all’ products but this captured my heart. It’s not too over the top and punched with chunky glitter bits which generally puts me off a highlighter. Instead finely milled, buildable and perfect for travel. I cannot wait to take to Mexico in a couple of weeks and it’d definitely save me taking a highlighter, bronzer and blush (even though I will bring my whole make up collection). What I did learn about it upon closer inspection and the lovely note from Debs is that it can be used as:

Eyeshadow – I would use this subtly on those days where I want my eyes but better

Lipstick – For those days when you want a little sparkle, I’d seal it in with a clear gloss or sheer lipstick

Body bronzer – This would look beautiful with a tan

Nail varnish – Same way you’d use it as a gloss, just seal it in with something sheer or clear.

For those who want to know if its ethical, yes it is! It’s never been tested on animals and is hypoallergenic. What I was really impressed about is the fact that it suited my skin tone and I soon learnt that the finely milled formulated particles react with your own PH balance therefore being suitable for all. I’d love to see this on fairer or deeper skin tones to compare.

I was also sent the looser powder, which would be perfect for at home use, or applying on the body with a loose powder brush.

WOW Brush

I have the devil’s curly hair, I mean LOOK:

Anyway, I found this brush worked really well for detangling wet curly hair without ripping one out. I’m yet to try this for blowdrying but I think it’d work well for giving my roots a little boost as I tend to find mine goes a little flat. What is interesting about the WOW brush is the shape, its nothing like I’ve seen before and I thought it was a head massager when I opened it. Just like the beauty glow powder, it was different to anything I’d seen on the market and I wanted to know more of it’s secrets…

The Twirl Curl 

I loved this product, although it may not look like much in comparison to the others, its versatile and will last forever. Best of all, it can be used for all hair types, from fine, to full, to curly and afro. You’ll be twirling around in no time with all the time you saved!

You can shop the items I tried here (they’re very affordable) and give them a follow on Twitter here.

Char xo

Please note, these products were sent for my review, but all views are my own. 

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