February 23, 2018

Musings: A Different Kind of Flyte – A Review

I told myself that 2018 would be the year I slow down and I’ve been more busy than ever. I’ve been in the gym (I still hate going), going from event to event and struggling to find a balance. Am I taking on too much or am I trying to finish off my 20s trying to be the best I can be? The latter perhaps. Being mediocre isn’t for me anymore, I say as I look at my extensive to-do list.
This leads me on nicely to Flyte which I was sent to try over the past few weeks.
‘If you’re over 18, not pregnant, have a bustling work and social life and care about what goes into your body, then FLYTE is just right for you!’
At Flyte, we aim to become the only natural energy drink of its kind. As most of us live a fast-paced life and juggle several things at the same time, it’s normal that we need more energy to manage all of the daily tasks. For health-conscious people who are not keen on drinking regular sugar-loaded energy drinks, Flyte offers a much better alternative – a natural energy drink sources only from premium ingredients, with caffeine coming from natural sources.

How does it look?

Flyte is beautifully packaged in sleek matte black encased in a glass bottle with a peak of the flavour and the bird emblem. This wouldn’t look out of place or Instagram or in your bag as it embodies style and a nod to all things healthy.

What about the taste?

Flyte was definitely different from my morning coffee, it was cold for starters and didn’t make me wince from too much caffeine. I really liked how light the citrus flavour tasted and it wasn’t too OTT as some healthy drinks tend to taste. It was interesting to see how this would last during the day and trying one during my afternoon slump.

When I reach for it?

I wake up most days around 5.40am and whilst I feel a little groggy, my mind is up and active. I reach my peak between 9am and 11am and this is when I work best. I am happy to say I am a morning person. You can read more about that here.

Around 3pm, I’m at my worst and I try to stray away from caffeine as it keeps me wired for hours and I don’t want to be dehydrated from drinking too much of it. Flyte came in handy here as the red berries flavour was not only tasty but stopped me reaching for the biscuit tin. I reckon it’s the mental side to it too, why ruin a good moment with something I’m trying to avoid?

If I could take more than 100ml in my hand luggage though, I would definitely take this on a city break trip to see if it’d perk me up after a 6am flight. Next time! 

How does it compare?

When you think energy drinks, most of the time Red Bull pops into your head and I’m over that phase of my life… well Red Bull and Vodka that is. Flyte would be the healthy alternative. I reckon I would need to try it over a a longer period of time to see how it compares to other energy drinks.

Coffee vs. Flyte

I’m a massive coffee drinker and I’m not sure if it actually keeps me awake or just like think it keeps me awake? I get on average 6-7 hours sleep per night and I know I need more. Trying Flyte definitely was different from more morning coffee but I’m not sure it will yet become a replacement in my life… just yet!  

 Have you tried Flyte yet?

Char xo

 Please note, these were sent for my review, but all views are my own.

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