May 16, 2018

Musings: An Island Adventure or Two?*

Doesn’t an island adventure just sound amazing? When you’re so caught up in the rush of life, and you feel as though you’re just going 100mph all of the time, an island adventure is exactly what you need. It’s a time to relax, explore, and have the most fun that you could possibly have. An island adventure is perfect for a solo traveller, a  couple, or best friends looking to explore the world. Whichever one you identify with, I’ve got some picks lined up for you… 


It’s a little Italian island that has stole the hearts of many before you. It is full of amazing coastline, beautiful scenery, and the traditional Italian food that everyone knows and loves. It’s like a slice of mainland Italy, but with the beautiful beaches that you just wouldn’t be able to find. Plus, there’s so much to do there that you also wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere. One of the things you might like to do is get a yacht charter in Sardinia. You could sale the beautiful blue sea, take in some of the amazing views that you’d be able to see, and feel the breeze flowing through your hair. It’s just something different to do that people don’t tend to do. If you head to the capital, Cagliari, you might find taking one of their segway tours extra fun, especially if you’re going in the summer!


Santorini became ever so popular in 2016/17. People noticed that the beautiful crisp white apartments set against the cliffs, with the lovely blue sea below, just looked amazing! Since shooting to fame, millions of people have flocked to the beautiful Greek island to have some fun. It’s more of a relaxing holiday, with tourists choosing to either lay on the beach all day, or explore some of the traditional Greek villages that it has to offer. If you wanted something really romantic to do, you could take one of the luxury sunset cruises off the coast of Santorini. It’s the perfect setting as the sun sets over the sea!


So, from two holidays that you’ll definitely need your sun cream for, to one that you’re most likely going to need your rain coat for. Ireland however, is one of the most diverse places you’ll visit. You’ve got the madness of Dublin for one. It’s full of Irish pubs, most famously the Temple Bar, or you’ve got the Guinness museum which makes for a perfect day out. Or you can go to the more rural areas of island, such as Kilkenny. Whilst there is still plenty to do, you’re taking away the rush of Ireland that people seem to head for, and you can take in the quieter side of the island.

So, which out of these three do you think you would most like to visit? 

Char xo

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