July 24, 2018

Musings: Finding the Best Hotel Deals in South East Asia*

South East Asia is already well-known for offering best-value destinations as the costs here are already lower when compared to other parts of the world. However one must always try to get the best bang out of their money and try to make the most of their dollars when on holiday abroad. For those looking for amazingly low prices for really nice hotel rooms, here are a few strategies that are indeed worth considering.

Start with a search engine

Go online and browse travel sites that are popular and trustworthy. With some efferent, you can bring the already lower costs of $25 per night to even $15 per night! Do some research, read reviews and get referrals. Your efforts won’t go waste, and you can sure stretch that dollar a bit longer. Explore major travel-booking sites to review dozens of hotels in every city in South East Asia. Filter what you read and those many reviews to take the best possible decision.

Avoid peak seasons and cities

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The costs of accommodation tend to be higher during peak season and if you book a hotel in the city. A smarter strategy is to look for the hotels on the outskirts and avoid booking during the peak season. Arriving in peak season also means crowded cities and difficulty in traveling. It really is amazing to how many hotels are relatively cheaper and emptier on the outskirts. Coral Bay Resort Pangkor is just minutes away from Pangkor Town and offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and parking.

Email or phone call for a reservation

Once you have decided on the hotel, ensure to email the hotel administrative staff for a reservation. It is understandable that hotels will happily hold your room in the computerized world of today. All you need to do is call them or email to confirm the reservation. It’s good to book ahead online, especially if you have a good hotel in mind such as Pangkor Island hotels, known for their excellent services and affordable costs.   

Bargain for further discounts

Do not be afraid to negotiate especially if the hotel doesn’t feel too full. Bargain for the room rate and do not feel embarrassed to haggle hard, especially if you plan to stay for a week. It’s perfectly reasonable, and the strategy generally works! So, ask for a further discount or an upgrade to a better room. You stand a good chance of getting a great offer, especially during the offseason.

Ask for free pick-ups

Most hotels provide free airport, train station, or bus station pick-up. So take advantage of those services as many hotels will send a driver to the airport, train station, or bus station, for free. This is a strategy followed by the holes and accommodations in South East Asia to get more business and steer you away towards their rooms. Keep away from touts with hotel cards that often wait outside of airports and transportation hubs.

Avoid A/C rooms
It is a good idea to consider fan-rooms as that can offer an excellent bargain. The industrial-strength ceiling fan above the bed can keep you fresh even during the hot climate. However, paying more for AC makes sense if you are traveling there during the hottest months of March through May. You can save money by choosing a fan room and won’t probably need a hot shower in those soaring temperatures outside.

Pay in cash

Keep in mind that the cheaper hotels often don’t take credit cards at all, especially when you are paying $10 per night per room. Moreover paying via foreign credit cards means paying a processing fee. Thus, pay in cash and make more savings.


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