August 13, 2018

Musings: 3 Travel Moments to Try*

Travel is something that brings up different thoughts, expectations and emotions from person to person. Some absolutely live and breath by its presence in their lives, some need to summon the courage and willingness for five years before leaving their home to travel abroad, as we’d all be lying if we said it wasn’t a large upheaval to do so.


Travel is just like anything great. While it may impress deeply in its first few pursuits, a lack of novelty can turn the experience relatively dull if not taken care of. For this reason, it’s almost essential to consider your travel opportunities and to think of how you have been treating them these past decades. Have you to attend your first vacation since moving out without your parents? Have you been to many countries or just one? Have you ever considered your wants and needs?


In order to make the most of travel, it could be that considering opportunities that you may not have previously can help you find the fires of passion to fuel your global pursuits once again. If stuck for inspiration, our list should hopefully help you:




Heading abroad is usually considered to be a temporary luxury, something that we save up for and blast all of our spending money on the experience. From package vacations to tailored configurations, we often know that while vacations are comfortable and our travelling opportunities are possible, bounded arrangements like this can often feel too short. But should they have to be? Might it be that you should consider a Lakeville residence abroad, or perhaps rent a mutual flat with your partner or friend, and allow yourself to stay in an area for some time, absorbing the culture and developing a taste for this home-from-home? You may decide to utilize some personal means of justifying this residency abroad, such as advancing your business to international shores, or perhaps enhancing your skills with cuisine if you’re a chef hoping to achieve greatness.


These are just two examples that can help you consider that actually, perhaps staying abroad for longer can give you that sense of personal adventure and uprooting the anchor that you truly need. If travel broadens the mind, living abroad forcefully expands your horizons in a pleasant and always-engaging manner. You’ll likely only understand this if you try. So why not try?


Bucket Lists


A fantastic method of inspiring yourself to try new travel opportunities is to write a bucket list and attempt to stick to that. This is not always easy to do. Your bucket list may often seem like anyone else’s bucket list to begin with. That’s not a bad thing. Using the inspiration of others can help provide a potential structure to keep you going. After all, who doesn’t want to see the Pyramids or the Northern Lights? They have been named ‘the wonders of the world’ for a reason, and that reason is they’re universally impressive.


So why not construct your bucket list? A great way to begin is to consider a location, but also an activity, and who you’re going to do that with. So instead of ‘visit the Chichen Itza’ you might write ‘visit, travel around and learn the history behind the Chichen Itza from the source of its location and surrounding historical preservations with my best friend by this select date.’  That final part can help you set this want in stone (although its best to keep it flexible) allowing you a strong guide that helps you arrange this to become a reality.



After you’ve taken part in a few travel opportunities like this, you’ll then be able to start thinking up your own with confidence, because you’ll know that you have the wherewithal to make this a reality. You may decide to ‘skate with Tony Hawk during one of his public events’ or something as equally as ridiculous but important to you – helping you aim your sights high. After all, if you shoot for the starts, even failing means you’ll land in the clouds.


Solo Travel (My Favourite) 


Solo travel is absolutely necessary from time to time, perhaps even just during one large journey you enjoy and keep to yourself. Many have travel safety concerns when living abroad – and this is quite an important thing to consider. However, if you stick to safe areas, you practice good awareness and you do not fully isolate yourself – instead focus on the travel wisdom afforded to you by local information and trustworthy people you meet, you can have a very personally rewarding experience solo.


Travelling alone is beneficial in many obvious ways. Not only might it be much cheaper to afford, but focusing on your own hospitality arrangements could be considered much more simple than you may have originally thought. Meeting people can be done without a merging of groups, which can sometimes bring up chaotic situations. It also allows you to focus on your wants and your wants alone, meaning that spending twelve hours in a museum will never be met with the nagging desires of someone following you unless of course any of those twelve hours are spent outside opening hours.

Solo travel can be a very rewarding experience, perhaps even a rite of passage for many young adults. We’d recommend trying it at least once. Even if you’re not entirely sure about this, many package vacations exist to help you associate with a group and meet new people, enjoying the safety of a pre-programmed route, such as a tour of America or perhaps Europe.

If you have the funding, sometimes heading on a compilation journey can help you knock off a list of explorations, but to enjoy something quite relaxing as you do. For example, embarking on a cruise solo could help you feel like a real adventurer, visiting country after country on the coast, while still retaining your personal sense of safety and meditation.

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  1. Tanya says:

    My friend travels solo a lot and it inspired me to book my own solo adventure to Malta in December, I can’t wait!

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